By NeenerNeener on Breaking Up Is Hard to Do With Dignity

I don't think it's about perpetuating it. One day, close to thirty, I was in Walgreen's, recently out of an eight-year relationship, and I looked in my basket and there was cat food, hair dye, and tampons. And I laughed at the situation I found myself in, not because I actually thought I was pathetic, but because here I was, this walking stereotype. I could laugh about it because I was secure enough to know that wasn't all I was, despite the sexist judgment someone could make just by looking into my shopping basket.

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By Nicole Cliffe on Breaking Up Is Hard to Do With Dignity

My break-up fantasy is to be awakened in the middle of the night by two pleasant men in suits. 'Nicole,' they say. 'Your relationship is over, please come with us.' They take my phone and laptop, hand me a unitard, and take me to a wilderness camp with a bunch of other dumpees for two months. When I return, everyone has already been briefed on the breakup, I look really healthy and fit and nonchalant, and then my ex is hit by a car.

It's still a work in progress.

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By JessicaLovejoy on Drinking, Pets, and Babies

Seriously, get rid of your husbands, they are revolting.

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By Bitterblue on Can We Do Red Velvet v. Carrot Instead?

@Bitterblue OH! "Baby Reveal Party!"
And the surprise is you're giving birth to the Antichrist!

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By dj pomegranate on Can We Do Red Velvet v. Carrot Instead?

@Gnatalby Right? There are so many occasions of the continuum of "life ceremonies"! Not all have to have the somberness of the Eucharist, and not all are exercises in vanity. Most are a little of both, and that's ok! People like getting together to celebrate big things and eat cake with their friends, and everyone's allowed to choose whether they want to participate or not.

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By iceberg on Can We Do Red Velvet v. Carrot Instead?

Before clicking on the link I assumed this was going to be a story about post-gender-reassignment-surgery makeover reveal parties. Sort of like the end of "What Not To Wear" with bonus genital reconfiguration?

Having read the article I now wish that's what it had been about, but also, any excuse for cake is fine by me.

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By EpWs on Semi-Secret Affairs, Smanging, and the 88 Percent

@atipofthehat The relationship was built to last but the house was built of cheese?

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By noodge on Face Moles, "Perfection," and Shifting Dynamics

@The Lady of Shalott

A FIELD of red flags, after an especially good growing season, ready to be reaped.

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By applestoapples on "Faces of Addiction"

Hunts Point is really no joke.
I like how the photographer lets the addicts tell their own stories, rather than taking the easy route of condescension.

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By EpWs on The Contraception "Debate"

@applestoapples "A government of the dicks, by the dicks, and for the dicks"

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