On A Requiem for Molly, The "Archived" American Girl Doll

Oh I just love this!

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On Interview With a Virgin: Scarlet

@lizzle ME TOO! I used to just lie and pretend I had, which was obviously dumb now that I look back but at the time I felt so strange about it. So loving these and wish I could send them back to my 24-y-o self and be like, chill, girl, you're normal. (Also: Lizzle was my nickname in high school!)

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On Q&A With a Nutritionist, Part Two: The Reckoning

@NeverOddOrEven I just really like making lists & writing things down & I'm a regular diary writer anyway, so a food diary seems in my bag. We'll see how long I stick to it, though! Maybe one of the apps to keep track of food & then a little reflection at the end of the day would work for you?

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On Q&A With a Nutritionist, Part Two: The Reckoning

As someone who was in the midst of an "I feel bad in my body", insane nothing-but-veggies-and-water crash diet this week, I could not love this Q&A more! Perfect timing, great advice, welcome back to my life, moderate amounts of carbs. And a food diary! YAY!

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On And the Best Room Fan Is...

I have and love this fan, but can't figure out how to open it up for cleaning so now it is quite dusty, which is probably killing me, and definitely gross. help!

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On Happy Hummus Day

@olivebee Me too, me too! have you had their horseradish hummus?? I dream about it.

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On Mothers' Day

Oh this is so lovely!

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On Ooh Daydrinker

@hallelujah YES! Nothing makes me happier now that I'm too-old-to-hang but not-old-enough-to-stay-home-and-knit (um, not that I don't do that anyway) than getting in a full day of boozy fun but still being in bed by 9.

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On All the Weddings I Have Ever Been to, as I Remember Them

The first wedding I remember going to I was I think six or seven and I caught the bouquet. I was SO excited until I heard people saying that whoever caught the garter (a MAN!) would have to reach up my dress and put it on my leg...I ran out of the room in tears. How modest I was in my youth.

Also reason no 357 why we won't be throwing garters at my wedding.

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On How I Got Rich Working at the Mall (Just Kidding)

This is why I got my one and only mall job working at The Disney Store. It had some good moments, like observing the romance between my co-worker and the toothless guy who manned the sock kiosk just outside or store, and some bad moments, like the endless-on-loop soundtrack of pop songs sung by Disney Channel stars, but I can confidently say that I was never once tempted to spend a dollar of my paycheck on anything sold in that store.

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