Animal Farm, But Worse

This is FAST Corp. — the acronym stands for Fiberglass Animals, Shapes, and Trademarks — one of the country’s most intriguing and entertaining niche manufacturers. FAST uses these molds to cast large fiberglass statues that have become icons of roadside Americana. If you’ve ever seen a big steer perched atop a steakhouse, a giant soft-serve cone in front of an ice cream stand, or a Bob's Big Boy statue, FAST probably made it.

Have you been haunted by the dark, glassy eyes of Bob's Big Boy, a friendly oversized cow, or LITERALLY ANY OTHER PIECE OF ROADSIDE AMERICANA, and are wondering where not to go so you can avoid them? Paul Lukas went to the Fiberglass Animal Farm for Medium and Heather McCabe took pictures, all of which you can view safely in your home and nowhere near the lifeless, nightmare-inducing statues we all know.



I Love His Work

Yesterday a certain storied and prolific film actor turned 70, and I missed it. Haley has not yet fired me, but I expect the end is nigh. In order to make amends, here’s a totally-arbitrarily-thrown-together-but-indisputable-list-of-the-greatest-film-and-TV-roles of our time. READ MORE


Adam Sternbergh at New York magazine has an incredible deep dive on emoji, the thread that is holding this country together. If you weren't already excited, the article also includes the following words: READ MORE

This is not safe for any workplace, but click through anyway: Everybody Sexts, Jenna Wortham's new project on Medium, pairs stories of specific sexts with beautiful illustrations, elevating the sext into a curated art form (though mine have always been that way).

Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

Wanna hear something crazy? Haley and I are both in the air right now (barring flight delays, inclement weather, and the possibility that this morning Haley decides not to get on the plane to Miami but instead flies to New York to surprise me when I get home on Sunday — in that case, she would have landed by now)!!!! Above is a random photo I chose from the internet to elucidate the aforementioned fact. It might be France? Who really knows, though? Not me. We are both en route to various ~*~*~speaking engagements~*~*~: Haley is headed to the Bullish conference in Miami, where she is leading a panel on How to Be Your Own Boss (I'd love to attend, but then— I'd be my own boss, and what would Haley be? A stylish Canadian with tiny hands?!). I am going to Forever Fest in Austin, where I will be on a panel entitled Meme Girls, with Mallory Ortberg, Jennifer Romolini, and Taylor Trudon. Both of them will be fun! You should come if you live close by, or if you have an insane number of frequent flier miles and nothing else to do this weekend. Bring snacks. READ MORE

Big Bank Hank, of hip-hop's landmark group The Sugarhill Gang, has passed away from cancer at 58. If you've ever sung the words "ho-tel, mo-tel, Holiday Inn," he's probably the reason. I hope he's at the best afterparty right now.

But these days I’m far more willing to call attention to the challenges of raising children of color in a fundamentally racist society. I tell prospective adoptive parents to take a good, hard look at their social circles, their neighborhoods, their churches, their communities and think about how those places and spaces will look and feel to their child. I ask them what they’ll say when their kids hear slurs and taunts from bullies, and how they will answer tough questions about the persistence of racism and a playing field that is far from level. I recommend books and blogs by adoptees that don’t mince words about the fact that love has never actually been enough for anyone. And I don’t pretend to have all the answers; these are things I fret over all the time, too, raising two multiracial kids myself. I’m well aware that it’s not easy, and that my girls have inherited a messy and ambiguous legacy from me, their mother who is not white but has never been a “real” Korean.

Nicole Soojung Callahan wrote this lovely, thoughtful piece at The Toast on transracial adoption. There are so many exemplary nuggets to choose from, so make sure you read the whole thing, but this stuck with me. This weekend, my boyfriend and I were talking about our long-term ambitions, all of which don't quite match up just yet. We have a few well-worn arguments, most notably "Is Jazmine actually funny or does she just quote 30 Rock really well?", but this is the one we always circle back to: Should we settle down in the country (where he's from and wants to go) or in a city (where I'm from, where I'd like to stay, and where we live right now)? READ MORE

Sick Days. PTO. Egg-Freezing?

A few years back, I got sick. I have a condition called endometriosis, where uterine tissue grows in places it shouldn't. And it can make it hard to have kids. So, in between surgeries bookending a few years of my life, I froze my eggs. READ MORE

Do You Have Impostor Syndrome?

Last week, I had a piece published in the New Yorker. Aside from getting my first job and meeting Nora Ephron's editor (he said I had a "very similar spirit" to her), seeing my name in the New Yorker was, easily, the happiest moment of my life. READ MORE