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Details has burst the proverbial bubble and told us exactly how terrible binge-watching TV is for us: the practice wreaks havoc on our spine, quads, gut, brain, lungs, and heart, and can result in everything from spine curvature to diminished lung capacity. READ MORE

The Story of Menstruation, as told by Disney

"But don't let it get you down. After all, no matter how you feel, you have to live with people. You have to live with yourself, too!" READ MORE

Ever think about how you'd sign "photobomb"? This Hopes and Fears article on how Internet slang gets added to the American Sign Language—and how its users allow each entry in—is fascinating and useful and will definitely ingratiate you with the teens, and if you're not doing that, then what are you doing?

Fancy Lady Phrases I Want To Be Able To Seriously Say Before I Die


Things I Learned From This Danny DeVito Profile

"Outside his Malibu beach house, all snuggly in the early-afternoon sun, belly protruding from a half-unbuttoned shirt, balding scalp protected by a ball cap, feet not even coming close to touching the end of the chaise longue upon which he rests, Danny DeVito is working his way through one cup of coffee, preparatory to having another one, and maybe even a third. This is the way he is. This is the way he's always been. "I have appetites," he says." READ MORE

Weekend Roundup / Open Thread


"New Wave," by Sleater-Kinney ft. the Belcher Kids

All this needs is a Drake cameo and this would be every single one of the Hairpin's interests in one handy-dandy video.

What's the Best Time Your Family Has Ever Trolled You?: The Answers

Yesterday, I told you guys the latest in Hughes family trolling: my dumb sister sent me a dumb Valentine's Day card that's just a dumb picture of her dumb face. Rude, but also NOTHING compared to the stories you guys told me. Check the comments on yesterday's article for some gold, but here are a few of my faves from Twitter. Feel free to send me more stories!!!!!!! Or pictures of dogs. Or tacos???? I'm pretty much open to anything. READ MORE

What's the Best Time Your Family Has Ever Trolled You?

Sisters: can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em, right??? Wrong. Sisters are nothing but terrible troll monsters who should be banished to live under bridges without access to the United States Postal Service. READ MORE

Me, around 5 PM yesterday:

"Patty Hearst Back in the News..."

* gasp *

"...With Early Win at Westminster"

Oh, thank goodness.