Reasons To Get A Dog

Bodhi, of the Tumblr Menswear Dog fame, is a perfect dog. Fast Company has an interview with his owners, and it's an article as ripe for a 'Reasons To Get A Dog' list as I've ever seen. READ MORE

Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

"Happy" end of the week, I guess, even though it started with Haley LEAVING ME AND GOING BACK TO TORONTO. :( :( :( The above photo is meant to be an sarcastic posturing of what not to do, but take it as you will. Let's wipe our tears and review the week: we studied the history of eyebrows, interviewed Mary Timothy, changed our last name, sat through a Tarantino explainer, created the overdue Mrs. Markowitz slug, ate potatoes pesky whipper-snapper style, definitely had sex, explored the complexities of female friendship, got advice from Baba Yaga, and waxed poetic about Michael Jackson. We ALSO brought back the Halloween Advent Calendar, with the help of the ever-so spoOooOky Jolie Kerr: we started with our Halloween rituals, a solid listicle, a themed-Ask a Queer Chick, visited some witchcraft and magic museums, and a spell book of beauty. READ MORE

Don't Be Afraid to Talk About Abortion

The article "Abortion: Not Easy, Not Sorry," in ELLE, is stunning; its writer, Laurie Abraham, re-examines her personal history with her abortions, using Katha Politt, author of Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights, as a lens with which Abraham can embrace her past. Between the two of them, the golden nuggets, the things that made me shake my head and underline passages and say, "Yes, THANK YOU." are plentiful. Try: READ MORE

"I Want You Back" Is Back

Forgive me for forgetting: last Tuesday was the 45th anniversary of the release of the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back," ranked 121 on Rolling Stone's list of greatest songs of all time, ninth on their list of Best Pop Songs Since 1963, and listed in the Jazmine Hughes Quarterly as one of the things considered to be damn near perfect (other entries: When Harry Met Sally, Mingus Ah Um, the chicken pad thai found at Jasmine Thai, in New London, Connecticut). READ MORE

Hemispheres: I used to work at Deadspin with all dudes, and before that in other sports jobs with all dudes. I wanted to ask you a question that I got tired of answering about a year into sportswriting, and then about the question itself. READ MORE

How Many Types of Millennials Are There?

If there's one thing every millennial hates, it's an overly broad generalization about what every millennial thinks. READ MORE

Weekend Roundup / Open Thread / A Picture of Boobs


How We Eat

I've already told you how nosy I am, so projects that answer "how X does Y" fascinate me. Also, I really like pictures of kids. Accordingly, probably just for me and no one else, the New York Times published a feature on what kids around the world eat for breakfast, launching a minor investigation into the nature/nurture dyad of how we categorize foods into "appropriate" meals. Breakfast-for-dinner, or brenner, according to my friend Brenner, always feels like an indulgence, though it's just a delay of food "normally" consumed ten hours prior, whereas dinner-for-breakfast feels backward and disruptive. Why have we set up these arbitrary food barriers for ourselves? Who's to say that fermented soybeans (or natto, a breakfast dish in Tokyo) aren't a delicious meal for any time of the day? READ MORE

It's the age-old question: who's the most crush-worthy character of '80s-era, Bill Cosby-created, African-American sitcoms— Theo Huxtable or Dwyane Wayne? (The answer is obviously Denise Huxtable, but we can still quibble over who's in second place.) Here's Malcolm-Jamal Warner and his whisper of mustache making a very convincing case in this video, Show Off! A Kid's Guide to Being Cool... unless the true secret to being cool is wearing flip-up glasses???

Nickelodeon's Diversity "Problem" Is That It Likes Diversity

Let's start today with a million praise hands emojis to Flavorwire's Pilot Viruet, who managed to stomach an entire interview with Mathew Klickstein, the author of SLIMED! An Oral History of Nickelodeon’s Golden Age, whose thoughts on the network's push for diversity are... interesting. READ MORE