I'm not the aerobics instructor.

On Working Girl

she nailed the regional accent in the same film

That accent was all over the place. She was fine in the movie otherwise but that accent, absolutely not.

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On Faux Feminism in Trademark Tweeds

This is such a wonderful piece. And a hell of a closing line!

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On The Cups Pie

Stanley is getting shortchanged.

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On Leftover Woman

Really liked this, Allison!

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On NFL Mascots, Ranked

Also also, this list is flawed. The Vikings' mascot is Viktor, not Ragnar. Rangar is not team-owned.

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On NFL Mascots, Ranked

Also, the Dolphins mascot is wearing a helmet, but the logo no longer features a dolphin wearing a helmet.

You know, the Miami Dolphins started having problems right around the same time they took the helmet off their helmet dolphin. COINCIDENCE?! This is what happens when you aren't keeping safety first.

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On NFL Mascots, Ranked

Jaxon de Ville is clearly the best.

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On Improving My Woman Cave

I do not have a Buffalo Bills Woman Cave room, just the Buffalo Bills Woman Cave that sits happily in my Buffalo Bills Zubaz.

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On Mary Gaitskill Is Not a Fan of Gone Girl

I am very amused by the little backlash happening with regards to Gone Girl. The same people that, last year, were all over the book have become pretty dismissive of it. I wonder what happened.

(I don't mean that Gaitskill is doing this, just that it seems to be happening among people I know/blogs I read)

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On Who's the Squarest-Jawed of Them All?

@Hooplehead number one scowl

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