No Future: The Sing-Off and the Art of A Cappella

Phil: Jane, you and I love a cappella, even though it’s not cool, it doesn’t give us any kind of cultural capital to love it and it doesn’t even give us a real sense of belonging inasmuch as neither of us are active participants in actual a cappella groups. But do we ever love it, and we’ve been talking about writing about how much we love it for years now. For that reason, I was ecstatic when I saw that The Sing-Off, NBC’s a cappella competition show had been resurrected for an abbreviated fourth season by professional resurrector-of-things Mark Burnett. Before we get into the nitty gritty of that show, its bonkers table of judges, the blinding glare of Nick Lachey’s flat-front slacks, or how season three champions Pentatonix were robbed in the Nobel Peace Prize voting this year, I want to start with a question: Jane, what do you love about a cappella? READ MORE