By Briony Fields on Like, Literally.

Who else immediately thought of Chris Traeger?

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By stuffisthings on Elysium Is a Great Movie If You Imagine a Golden Retriever Directed It

The French got tired of hearing their weird Quebecois accents at the UN so they launched their nukes and fled into space on secret Concordes they had stored under the Arc de Triomphe.

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By Pariah Carey on Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Ecstasy of Hedy Lamarr

The face obscured the intelligence, the wit, the desire for something more. It became the synecdoche for her image, the whole of self. And it’s not like we don’t do this to women today: forcefully, if subconsciously, mapping a desired vision of who they are and what they represent from a collection of paparazzi shots, publicity photos, and bad interviews. We do it to the girl who’s by beautiful and by herself at the concert; we do it to the student in our classes with the sorority shirt and the bitchface. I do it to Megan Fox and Olivia Wilde and Kim Kardashian; you may do it to your own slew of beautiful, desirable, and thus easily dismissible women.

Boom. Classic AHP punch to the gut. Thanks for a great read (yet again)!

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By SarcasticFringehead on 10 Scariest Excerpts from "The Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In"

@commanderbanana "I don't think a candy bowl is going to address the yawning chasm opening up under your life"

Well, sure, in that the delivery system is secondary to the actual consumption of the candy, which addresses my chasms quite well, thank you (or at least covers them with a thin veneer of brightly-colored complacency, which is good enough)

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By royaljunk on 10 Scariest Excerpts from "The Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In"

@klemay "I choose my choice, I CHOOSE MY CHOICE!!"

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By SarcasticFringehead on 10 Scariest Excerpts from "The Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In"

"'Real women’s empowerment is being able to do what you want to when you want to.'"

And if you try so very, very hard, and do everything exactly right, and make perfect choices, eventually you will have a perfect life, free of conflicts and anxieties and the nagging feeling that if you had just done it right, been a little more accommodating or a little less accommodating or nicer or meaner or in better shape or less concerned about your body or more dedicated to your job or more focused on your home life, everything would have just snapped into place and you would be content now.

And if you don't have that life, it's your fault, because you have CHOICES, can't you see that, and if you had made the right ones you would have transcended human imperfection by now.

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By Emby on 10 Scariest Excerpts from "The Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In"

Oh look, it's not a magazine article, it's a window to American Hell.

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By dtowngirl on Danielle Steel on being asked if she's "still" writing: "I think it is something that only men do to only women, and not just to me"

I wonder if any of this questioning has anything to do with literature snobbery--the high-brow canonical writing vs. the low-brow pop writing. Not that this would be valid in any way. Do people ask Toni Morrison if she's 'still writing'? Louise Erdrich? Marilynne Robinson? I would love to know.

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By stuffisthings on Get This Look: The Sunday Comics

I'd like to see @jfruh modeling each of these outfits THANKS.

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By leonstj on Questions Sydney Leathers Has for Women Paired with Questions Anthony Weiner Had for Sydney Leathers

@leon s

are you lounging in that chair (h/t marcy's playground)
you've got a way of pleasin' (h/t billy joel)
let's show & tell (h/t ginuwine)
i wanna reach out & grab ya (h/t steve miller)

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