On Americans Have Either Stopped Reading Books or Stopped Lying About It

What timing! I have a question related to this article: a friend of mine's boyfriend is in his mid-30s and has never read a book (he says), and asked me to recommend one. I find it very sweet that he asked me, but I'm kinda stymied.
DETAILS: He is originally from the UK, but has been living in Canada/US for the past 15 years. He comes from a working class family and was tracked into a trade school program in high school, so he didn't have a typical HS experience. He has been working as a chef for the past 10 years. He recently started reading those buzzfeed longer form articles like this one http://www.buzzfeed.com/markslutsky/how-the-youtube-comments-section-became-our-cultures-secret and he enjoys them. He has some knowledge of US history/culture, but not a lot. He likes fishing. He really like Game of Thrones TV show, but I think a big part of that is the social element (watching it with friends, etc). He really does want to read a book (and his girlfriend, my friend, wants to make a "bookclub" between the two of them out of it).
Any recommendations?

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On How to Make Krupnik, an Old-Timey Polish Honey-Spice Cordial

@Countess Maritza Clicked on this thread JUST for the Anastasia Krupnik references.

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On Amusingly Horrible Things Significant Others Have Said: The Bracket

"You know who you kinda look like? Have you ever seen that mug shot of James Brown?"

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On Four Good Reasons to Donate Your Eggs & a Couple Dozen Reasons Not To

Many years ago, I went through the first few stages of the screening process to donate my eggs. But I'm short and didn't go to an impressive college, so I figured no one would want my dumb, ugly genes. But earlier this year, I got a call from the agency saying they had a couple I was a really good match with--my mom's family is Bulgarian, and I have red hair from my dad's side, and this couple was totally looking for a red headed Bulgarian (or Romanian) who was 5'3'' - 5'6'' and had an educational background in science! That's me!

I really seriously considered it, for a week, but decided against it. I'm almost 30--older than I was when I originally signed up--and want to have kids myself pretty soon. Suddenly, babies aren't just this vague, nebulous concept of something that might exist for me, but a real, concrete goal. I didn't think I could deal with emotional aspect of it (plus, having had two unwanted pregnancies and abortions when I was younger, I have a pretty f'ed relationship with my fertility, and think that donating my eggs would just add to it). I did feel bad about saying no (and asking to me removed from the agency's list), especially since I felt like I knew something about this family, and woman, who I might have donated to. But I think it was the right decision.

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On At the End of an Email, Everyone's a Valedictorian

I was leaving a telephone message at work, and I ended it like I was signing an e-mail. "Best, Kate." Guh!

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On 15 No-No's at a Wedding

@DrFeelGood I saw comercials for Whitney, and thought, "Wow, I'm so glad Yoanna from Season 2 of America's Next Top Model is getting work!"

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On Rick Santorum Explaining Marriage

As long as we're talking about Republican presidential candidates, I'd like to use to opportunity to confess to my enourmous crush on Jon Huntsman. He is a good looking man.

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On Most Requested Hairpin Articles of the Summer

@Lady Pennyface Yay. Thank you.

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On Most Requested Hairpin Articles of the Summer

So. . . what's a juicebox? Urbandictionary isn't helping me out here.

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On AskMen's 2011 Great Male Survey Results

What does this mean?

"How should American reboot the economy?" "Revolution."

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