On The Popularity Pie

@nina! I barely made it through the first three - so much violence - but then after that it started getting *real* good. I recommend sticking it out!

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Ecstasy of Hedy Lamarr

@Anne Helen Petersen Plus, Jason Sudeikis recently said something like, "Yes, she's beautiful, but honestly her beauty is maybe the 7th best thing about her. First comes the fact that she's intelligent and funny and down-to-earth..." She grew up among the intelligentsia in DC (I think Chris Hitchens was a frequent guest at their house) so she just happens to be a mesmerizingly beautiful, but whip-smart kinda girl.

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On A Shot in the Dark: My Night with the Male Strippers at Hunk-O-Mania

This year, I went to a male strip club in Montreal (le 281). From outside, the waves of women screaming intermittently made it sound wonderful and exciting. When my friends (some guys and girls - club protocol dictates that any male visitors be accompanied by women) and I walked in, there was a guy on stage, erect and probably 8 inches long, doing a dance and lathering some fluorescent gooey material all over his body and schlong. It was kind of awesome. But nothing like that happened again. Mostly, it was guys in super low-slung jeans walking around and waiting to be asked for private dances. For the dances, they'd grab their (flaccid) dicks and stretch 'em out while pretending to get it on with you. The thing about men is, you can tell when they're turned on and when they'd not (it's right there!) so as they danced, you knew that it was all mechanical. They looked at your with dead tiger eyes and no smiling was allowed. My giggly girlfriends and I tried to keep straight faces, but it was very difficult. As he gyrated on us, one of the guys said to one of my girlfriends, "You want this don't you?" and she tried to answer, "Yes" with as serious a face as possible and failed.

Male strip clubs = floppy dicks = high potential for awkwardness.

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On Goosebumps for Grown-Ups

@Tragically Ludicrous Yeah we do white vinegar and dish soap, and it seems to work.

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On "Who, after a lifetime on Twitter, would want to be a ghost?"

Realtalk: I wouldn't want to get a drink with my Twitter self because she seems like she's trying too hard :(

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On Friday Open Thread

@anachronistique Hot dogs! When? Where?

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On Remembering the '90s Is Good For You

As someone whose soul was lifted yesterday at lunch by the nearby food truck blasting late '90s/early 2000s hits that I had all but forgotten, I agree with this study.

"1, you're like a dream come true, 2, just wanna be with you..." Magic, people.

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On Texas Senator Wendy Davis's Filibuster

@hallelujah Thank you, thank you! Now I just want to make a big banner that says "SMDH" in giant letters and point it at all of Texas.

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On Texas Senator Wendy Davis's Filibuster

Uninformed comment here:
So, the bill has two parts. One would stipulate against abortions following 20 weeks; the second would require abortions to take place at surgical centers even though most of Texas' abortions are not performed surgically.
I understand and am against the second part of the bill, since it is obviously a move to wipe out existing abortions clinics and make it very difficult to have any abortion.
However, regarding the first part of the bill: I was under the impression that most people who have abortions would do so within the first three months of pregnancy. Five months, to me, an admittedly uninformed observer, seems like rather far along in the pregnancy. Can someone educate me as to when abortions are usually performed? 20 weeks, at first blush, doesn't seem that restrictive to me, but I'd like to be better informed. Is it that genetic defects can only be detected later?... Thanks!

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On Five New Uses for the Bible

This was a little farther down from the Bible on Norway article:
"The disgraced ex-New Yorker writer Jonah Lehrer has a book deal with Simon and Schuster, according to The New York Times. Lehrer was caught fabricating quotes, recycling material and plagiarizing, and resigned his position at The New Yorker last year. The Times, which obtained his book proposal, writes that in the new work, he 'uses his journalistic misconduct as a case study of the mysterious and redeeming power of love.'"

My reaction was kind of a partly smug, partly sympathetic: "of COURSE he got a book deal and of COURSE he's going to reshape this travesty as a lesson on 'the redeeming power of love.'"
Any other reactions?

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