By katiemcgillicuddy on A Brief Addendum to Our Craigslist Wedding Story

Well now I just want to know why you aren't friends with Jordan because if it isn't "he shot me in the arm with a shotgun", what the fuck is it?! JESUS, NICK, YOU'RE KILLIN ME.

(For real though, really happy to hear you're recovering, and I was late to the last post so let me just say here how awesome it was. Here's to many more lay-ups in your future!)

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By Hiroine Protagonist on The Craving: One Woman's Salty Confession

Women eating with only a passing thought of the horror of being fat? scandalous!

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By packedsuitcase on Friday Open Thread

@area@twitter Puppy says hi. And that puppy loves you and thinks you are lovely.

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By yeah-elle on Star Trek Into Darkness: Waiting for Superman

@Miss Maszkerádi Actually, I think it's great to have a villain-of-color, as long as said villain isn't a brute/thug stereotype. I read some speculation about this before the season finale of Elementary, where people were hoping Moriarty would be a character of color. I don't know if you watch the show, but there was a brief moment where it was thought that a black man might have been Moriarty (he ended up being a lieutenant) and people got so excited! It's because Moriarty, like Khan, isn't a bad-POC stereotype: idiot thug, a druglord, a God-obsessed terrorist, etc. They are equals--even betters in some regards--of the white male leads, and they have great storylines where they go toe-to-toe. They have power in intelligence, in wit, in physical agility that is not just brute power. Especially since these villains are not seen as Pure Evil types, but have interesting moral landscapes, too, they are really great, interesting characters that I'm sure plenty actors of color would love to take on.

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By miss buenos aires on Friday Open Thread

I had my baby on Sunday! He is a perfectly tiny human and his name is Desmond Elvis (as in Costello, not Presley). I don't post all that much here, but I'm telling everyone else I ever met, so why not my peeps here? Anything you ever wanted to ask someone who's been a mother for five days?

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By planforamiracle on Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin I just read "Where'd You Go, Bernadette" which was like a smarty-pants page-turner. Really funny too. It was a good light read during my super-busy time at work, and could be a good pick-me-up.

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By on Friday Open Thread


Thank the lord. Let this hellish misery end.

(For the record: taking the bar exam in July, have a job lined up at kickass firm, moving to California in 48 hours. Naysayers can sit on the sidelines -- thanks for playing, suckers!)

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By OhMyGoshYouGuys on Friday Open Thread

@iceberg Bergy Bits!
Sometimes the bits make me think of that 30 Rock scene where Tracy Jordan yells, "Where are the fries I did not ask for?! Anticipate me!"

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By Diana on Friday Open Thread

This weekend has a triple birthday party, baseball, beer, Arrested Development viewing parties with UNLIMITED JUICE, a pool party, and shockingly warm weather here in San Francisco. I have Saturday off (which I normally work) and I've got money for drinks. Life is grand, everybody. LIFE IS GRAND.

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By martinipie on Friday Open Thread

@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood I keep trying because I need legitimate financial advice but...ugh every time I remember why I don't read it. (even though I love saying MIKE DANG)

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