On How's It Going?

@mabellegueule yeah what's a pin pal?

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On Four Men* and a Chest

@thebestjasmine yes, LW3, don't ever let anybody, much less a significant other, tell you what you can and can't do with your education. fuck that costco industrial sized juice box mega pallet and leave that loser.

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On Excerpts From the "New" Kama Sutra

@atipofthehat ugh uti uti uti uti uti

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On Indentured Masseurs

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On Fitness Class Review: Pole Dancing

@Anji i highly doubt anybody will make you buy heels if you don't want to. lots of professional pole dancers compete barefoot. in fact, some competitions ban shoes :)

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On Fitness Class Review: Pole Dancing

@Ellie there are plenty of products to help your hands stick, like mighty grip, or you can use weightlifting gloves. for me, the bruises are a sign of accomplishment! i recently learned how to invert and i have these crazy bruises on my inner thigh from holding, but i'm loving every one of them because they indicate that i can hang upside down on a pole without hands, something i never thought i could do when i first started pole. :)

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On Woman Not a Fan?

@Alixana <3 u, inside jokesie!

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On Ask a Married Dude: Bob and Eli

something about bob just screams "NO BUENO," and i can hear it 3000 miles away.

(i'm in LA, and yes, i just google mapped the distance from boston to los angeles.)

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On Eating the Year of the Dragon

my mandarin speaking family refers to dim sum as "yin cha," the mandarin equivalent of "yum cha," not "dian xing." i'd say dian xing refers more to the actual tidbits of food rather than the whole experience.

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On Possible Reasons Why There "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone"

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