On Is This How You Feel About Your Tattoo?

I have "Justice is what love looks like in public" (Cornel West) tattooed on my left forearm. I get mostly positive reactions to it, with the exception of some who think I think it's descriptive of our justice system rather than aspirational. I love it, and I like the conversations with strangers that it encourages.

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On I'm a 41

I got a score of 51 and a brief bout of anxiety about my difficulty with monogamy because of question #17.

I agree, some the questions are inane, but I...DO try to pay for friends' meals a lot, even when I don't have the money. So maybe there's something to it.

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On Grimes, "Genesis"

I saw her open for Austra at the Echo in LA, and I love love love her. She is weird (I don't use that word lightly) and wonderful.

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On Pain-Proof: Becoming the Lady Aye

Loved this.

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On Not a Thanksgiving Mix Tape

@Daisy Razor *raises hand* Yup. I laughed out loud because that joke was super relevant to my life.

And then I thought...weird, now I'm old enough that jokes on sites that I like are relevant to my life.

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Home Décor

@likethestore I know! Yes!

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Home Décor

@The Most Pernicious Woman
Yes, definitely ask around! If your Russian is good enough to call/visit a salon and ask if any of their staff speaks good English, you'll be SO MUCH HAPPIER. I found a pretty normal, very cheap place with an English-speaking hairdresser when I was there and it went just fine. Wish I remembered the name of the place so I could share the love.

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On Addendum to the Modern Meanings of Flowers, Muammar Gadaffi Edition

Presumably, the title of her book refers to this experience.

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On Save the Dates, Boston and LA

@deepomega Good call. I will be there.

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On Save the Dates, Boston and LA

Oh my gosh. I just moved to Echo Park--LIKE JUST THIS PAST SATURDAY. Should I go? Will I be the youngest person there? Will I be able to get past my crippling shyness?

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