By KeLynn on You're One in Eight Million

@melmuu - I have been thinking of getting a little part-time retail job at a woman-oriented place almost exclusively for the friend-making opportunities.

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By Jinxie on You're One in Eight Million

@melmuu Plus, I think the older you get, the less an age difference matters. The gap from early 20's to early 30's can be quite broad, but the gap from early 30's to early 40's is, or can be, almost non-existent. Of course, most of the friends I have who are ~ 10 years older still have similar life styles/life experiences to me, so we have a lot of common ground. (And my bro and his wife and their friends are closer in age to me than a lot of my friends, and I've got almost nothing in common with them and wouldn't be friends with them if I weren't related to them.)

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By olivebee on "What's the Worst Thing That's Woken You Up in the Dead of Night?"

@Absurd Bird They are so adorable! My husband and I were playing catch in the alley out back of our apartment last month around 11:30 at night. All of a sudden my husband's eyes widened excitedly, and he starting pointing vigorously at something behind me. His behavior startled me so much that I instinctively ducked and did NOT turn around. He whispered "no, turn around!!" and I did just in time to see a raccoon sitting on his hind legs maybe 8 feet behind me just watching us play catch. But my movement scared him (or her?), and he took off down the alley.

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By HereComesTheMetricSystem on Why Did You Lose Him?

Strong gust of wind, lost my grip on the line. He's probably just caught in an overhead power line a few towns over.

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@melmuu Once when I was moving I saw a spider as big as my hand saunter across what had been my bedroom floor. If I had not already been leaving that would have done it.

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By MollyculeTheory on 10 Things My Yoga Instructor Said That Almost Made Me Quit Yoga

"Draw in your breath through your [body part that has nothing to do with normal respiration]"


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By up cubed on Hierarchy of Airport Crushes

@melmuu Aside from not being a teenage male or eating sandwiches, this could be me.
The second worst thing is having hot people observe my "I don't want to see us crash" position, which occurs after snacks but before we take off. The worst thing is having my boss observe it, while sitting next to me. In the tiniest airplane, in the morning (socially unacceptable drinking time).

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By garseeyalater on Did They Top That?

Ok, so, there are so many good things about this movie, and this clip is one of those things. Like, when she says, "OH, and he has the cutest walk."

It's so close to something an actual teenager would say, but at the same time: NO ONE WOULD EVER SAY THAT.

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By rimy on Assumptions

@rimy More:
** Boss looks at him askance = pretty sure boss hates me!! = whatever, screw him too!!! (the next day, I ask him how it went at work) = "oh, fine, boss and me are cool after all."

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By Judith Slutler on Contrarian Movie Titles

Bored of the Things
Some of The Stuff You Wanted to Know About Sex but Never Cared Enough About to Ask
This Country is Okay for Old Men, I Guess

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