On Photo Etiquette and the Modern Family

@AnnieM Something to consider for the next time he's in a depressive cycle and refusing to get help--maybe phrase it as getting some on advice on coping mechanisms? like, if you had a broken radiator, you'd hover when the repair guy so maybe next time you don't have to call him (bad example? maybe something with cars?)? Also, as a depression sufferer, one of the best things I got from therapy (which my mother forced me into during my early teens) was the ability to RECOGNIZE when I was starting to become depressed. Before my work with various therapists, I wouldn't understand what was happening, but now I'm generally able to catch it so much sooner, and employ my coping mechanisms.

Also, somebody brought up medication earlier and that it's "not for everyone". I have to say, I generally disagree, especilly in a situation which thi sounds like, where he's never gotten adequate help before. Depression screws with your brain chemistry, and since this seems to be a chronic problem, a reset may be in order. Honestly, I don't think I understood HOW bad I felt until that Prozac kicked in. Of course, finding the right therapist to perscribe you the right medication is super important. (Beware anyone who ONLY wants to give you meds)

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On Ask a Clean Person: Let's All Make... Our Beds

My sheets don't have elastic all the way around, but this may be because I inherited a crap ton from my grandmother, who lived near the outlets, and had like, 20 pairs of sheets for each bed (plus extra sets of pillowcases)...and I kept them because they're *SUPERCALE*, which Wamsutta doesn't make anymore :(

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Katharine Hepburn's Trousers

Does the hairpin have my apartment bugged? Literally had this conversation on Saturday night!

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On Ask a Clean Person: The Uncluttering

@Jinxie Yes, the 2nd set of sheets. That somehow everyone I know that does this DOES NOT HAVE. Which I don't understand...

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On Ask a Clean Person: Jeans - Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Kill 'Em

@cherrispryte I'm all for diy, but denime is different--I'm right there with you @boyofdestiny

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On I Don't Need to Wear a Corset

I used to have to wear a corset for my job (technically, "stays"). Sometimes I miss it.

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On I Don't Need to Wear a Corset

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On Ask a Clean Person: Tackling a Major Clean-up, Part One

@themegnapkin The file box is good, and then at the end of every year, go through and three hole punch everything and put it in a binder--use tabs to divide just like your folders. Buy a fireproof box for the warranties and such maybe? but things like bank statements and and such just get deep filed

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On Ask a Clean Person: Tackling a Major Clean-up, Part One

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On Ask a Clean Person: Tackling a Major Clean-up, Part One

@kangerine Contack a local school maybe too! DCPS is exactly drowning in excess cash, so if they're appropriate, donate them to the school library, or a teacher you know :)

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