On JUCE, "(H)ours"

It's not exactly a dance routine that one could do, but the new Zinc is my current favourite vogue-forward music video.

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I was happier having never encountered the phrases "genital tubercle" and "cloacal kiss," actually.

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On "Ohio," Patty Griffin and Robert Plant

If that sheepdog-headed he-crone geezers up the entire new album I'm going to be so angry.

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On That Daft Punk Song

Pharell is bringing Kim Zolciak hard on that chorus.

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On Rainy Day

The first snowfall came on the last day of summer, and there is three feet of that nonsense in our back yard. I WISH it would rain.

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On "Back to Me," Kathleen Edwards

I'm partial to the one about threatening to move to America. (I applied for permanent residency in Canada in September, and that one gets a lot of mileage—ehr, kilometrage?) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJb1Cigl0sU

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On New Music: Passion Pit, No Doubt, Madonna, D E N A

This song/video of hers has kind of taken over my life in recent weeks. By which I mean I've spent more time than usual watching mid-90s episodes of The Grind on YouTube.

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On Ask a Clean Person's Gross Substitute

@boyofdestiny My partner bought his house in the winter, when most of the yard was under three feet of snow. When spring came, he found two packaged turkeys back there and, if I'm remembering correctly, a third one under the porch.

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On The Power of Bacon

@insouciantlover And yet somehow the impression that it's vegetarians and vegans who are the unbearable assholes persists.

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On Viceroy's "Return of the Mack" Remix

It's 2012 and we're spending our time making 1996 Mark Morrison sound like 1986 Steve Winwood. Finally.

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