On Going Blonde

Love this. I'm in that dirty blonde territory where my hair looks really blonde when it's short but when I grow it out, the bleached out ends clash with the dirty blonde roots. I have resigned myself to dying every 8 weeks or so until a) I go grey or white (I'm hoping it just slowly goes lighter blonde until it's white like my dad's did) or b) it all falls out from over-processing.

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On When Will A Woman Win the Iditarod Again?

I love the Iditarod! I was rooting for Aliy, along with many others on the race forums. I also root for the pediatric dentist (Kelly Maixner). I love this post, but I think you should have mentioned the numerous other women in the race besides Aliy. The race for Rookie of the Year included a few woman and the whole field included around 19 women (if I counted right). I would love to see more coverage on the women in this race. I think they are all an inspiration!

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On Mouthwatering Recipes from the March 1950 Issue of McCall's

@TheMnemosyne Oh god - repressed memory coming back. I think we had that one too.

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On Mouthwatering Recipes from the March 1950 Issue of McCall's

My grandma made a "salad" that everyone seemed to love but me. It contained only three ingredients - velveeta cut into cubes, a can of peas, and Miracle Whip. That's it. I cannot think of anything more disgusting from my childhood. I refuse to eat Velveeta to this day because of that "salad"

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On I Fear I'll Be Stuck on Level 29 of Candy Crush Forever

@Stiffy Byng I hear ya - I'm stuck on level 162. That means that I have spent WAY TO MUCH TIME ON THIS STUPID GAME!!

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On Your May 'Pinup Roundup

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose I'm in Helena - could do something in western MT

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On Ranch Life

@Kathleen B Ah - I didn't realize there were other 'pinners in MT!?! I'm in Helena.

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On The $625 Apartment

@photoalice Having never lived in a large city, I am amazed at how much people pay for apartments. Please excuse my naiveté, but is living in the city always like that?

When I lived in apartments, the most I ever paid was $550 for a huge 2 bedroom. Now that I'm a home owner, I have a 2650 sf house on a 1/2 acre and I pay $1225. I live in in the capital city of my state and have to drive about 10 miles to work, which takes me about 15 minutes. I suppose it all comes down to lifestyles and personal preference? I'm not sure I could live in a city with all problems you all speak of, not to mention how crazy expensive it is for the tiniest of spaces!

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On The 50 States in Order of Happiness

@wasabi peas Yes cost of living is high but only in oil towns. Only the western part of the state is having the real boom. It is pretty sparsely populated and the influx of people is hard on the natives. There are very few places to live and long waiting lists to get into existing housing and also to get new homes built. My hubby is a contractor and there are people waiting lists that are being told it will be at least 4 years before they can get a house built.

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On The 50 States in Order of Happiness

Yay ND! I'm a native and I think it's the resiliance of people who live there that helps with the happiness. It's all about perspective really. Most of the people I know who live there have reasonable expectations of what to expect from life. Also it helps that most people that live there are kind-hearted and very giving to neighbors in need.

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