On Being Photographed: "Female-Female Spiritual Transsexual" The World Famous *BOB* Presents the Subject's Point of View

Amy Touchette/ClampArt

The World Famous *BOB* is a self-described “female-female spiritual transsexual” known in the NYC neo-burlesque scene for her over-the-top blonde bombshell image. Shoot the Arrow: A Portrait of The World Famous *BOB* is photographer Amy Touchette’s collection of intimate black-and-white photographs of The World Famous *BOB*'s onstage and offstage life, recently published by Un-Gyve Press. Shoot the Arrow also includes The World Famous *BOB*'s written account of her gender evolution: from a farm girl in the California Valley, to a runaway taken under the “wig” of San Francisco’s drag queen community, to her current incarnation as a performer in New York City burlesque. READ MORE