On Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

I was pretty active on Gawker from the beginning and started reading Jezebel from day one. I liked that there was a large variety of topics, serious and funny. I loved that they put a stop to the body snarking that popping up (Remember the Great Cankles Debate of 2007? Holla!)
I used to love commenting there, and I have IRL friends that I met on that site that are just the greatest people ever. I like that a "new generation" of commenters have found a community there, but I just cannot wade through all the indignant, shame-y comments over there anymore. EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE has at least 10 people popping up to complain about triggers, privilege, that the article is not appropriate for (the commenters definition of) a feminist website. Very seldom do I see an actual engaging thoughtful discussion in the comments anymore.
The tone of the website now is "Here are a bunch of click-bait posts to enrage you and we are going to toss in a few videos of animals doing cute shit in between."

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On And I Will Call Her Candy Crush

After a rather dysfunctional lengthy affair with the Angry Birds? Never again, my friends. Never.Ever.Again.

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On When Killer Whales Actually Kill

Getting into a wetsuit and jumping into a holding tank with a bazillion pound wild animal and letting him launch me into the freaking air? I will pass, thanks.
There are so many negatives in that, starting with "wetsuit", I just could go on FOREVER.

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On The Agony and the Ecstasy of Having a Mother

@hoo:ha me three. Me three. My mom was terminal when I was casually commenting on how the surge of tween hormones was throwing my house into chaos and she just gave me this sly smile and said
"I hate that I have to miss this."

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On Interview With a Bedbug

@lookuplookup I swore I wouldn't post anymore, but I have to say that I totally busted out laughing and SNORTING at work when I read the Evita quote.
No one at work understands me. :-(

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On "How I Stopped Eating Food"

@HeyThatsMyBike I was thinking it was the rough draft for a Portlandia skit.

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On "How I Stopped Eating Food"

Reading this article during my break made me love my god-only-knows-how-old-glazed-blueberry-cake donut from the Holiday gas station THAT MUCH MORE.

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On Dance/Emote/Smoke Clove Cigarettes Mix 1998

...and just like that, I look back on the days when I was still somewhat cool and naive. 1. First discovered Rufus "I will cross the oceans for his love and one of his scarves...wait..he is gay? YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!! DAMMIT!" 2. Lauryn Hill was pregnant during that video and I remember it being a big deal, for some reason.

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On The Comment Section for Every Article Ever Written About Food Allergies


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On Twelve Days Biking and Camping Alone Along the Pacific Coast

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