On Your Liquid Liner Is Crooked, Let Me Fix It For You

Thank you for revolutionizing my morning beauty routine. I always mess up my makeup when trying to remove the inevitable mascara smudges under my eye with makeup remover. The past two days with this trick have been bliss.

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On What My Mom Wants Me to Blog About

@Katni Actually, you should wait about 30-45 minutes before brushing your teeth after eating or drinking! I read that somewhere then asked my dental hygienist about it and she said it's true. Your enamel is softer after you eat due to acids in the food (and gastric acid too I think)so you can damage it if you brush too soon.

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On Iceland vs Greece

@de Pizan I agree! Siggi's all the way!

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On These Are the World's Best Tights

@Emma Carmichael @cocokins Of all the people to recognize by crotch alone...

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On These Are the World's Best Tights

@cocokins I, too, was pleased about the Peter Pan guy photo. I identified who it was at first glance and now am slightly disturbed that I could do that. Not sure how to feel about myself...

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On Finally, A Muzzy VHS Set For Dothraki Language Learners

I super enjoy Cecily always.

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On Which Spice Girl Were You in Fifth Grade?

You forgot Nicola, the pregnant friend! You lived next door, were a year younger than everyone else, and were only included in group activities enough to not be able to complain about being excluded.

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On Somewhere Between Fantasy and Reality: A Tribute to Loehmann's

THIS. There is just something so satisfying about getting a great item for so cheap, especially after combing through a wasteland of racks. I honestly can say I've never paid more than $50 for a single item of clothing (excluding my down jacket), between being raised by a champion bargain hunter and working in retail for several years. I splurged on a pair of boots for $80 at DSW this fall and almost threw up afterwards.

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On The "Do What You Love" Problem

@sissyemily I heard that too! I came down here to mention it and I'm glad to see that someone else found it troublesome!

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On December 13th Now and Forever to Be Known as Beyday, a Celebration of Excellence, Surprises and Grown-Ass Women

Beyonce, bringer of light on Saint Lucia's Day. Coincidence? I think not.

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