On Pairings By Profession in Notable Romantic Comedy Films

I find it pretty weird that musician/waterer of house plants was the only one I recognized right off the bat. Music and Lyrics is an experience that really stays with you, I guess.
EDIT: Nope, forgot that I also got Harold and Maude.

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On Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

@katekatekateyeah I feel you. I'm not even sure that much of it has to do with content. It's just what happens when a site gets more popular and suddenly goes from feeling like your own little corner of the Internet to just being the same as everywhere else, with random shouty commenters, people dropping in from Facebook or Twitter or Reddit or whatever with no context. And so we find a new little corner, and eventually the process starts all over again...

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On How My Obsession With Furnishing A Future Put Me Nearly $40,000 In Debt

@mirah I agree, and I would also say that it baffles me a little bit that so many people seem to think that their reaction to this piece is the only one that's valid. Many commenters have expressed how much this hit home for them. Maybe it didn't for you, or was even offensive in light of your own life experiences--well, that's kind of the nature of the Internet.

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On How My Obsession With Furnishing A Future Put Me Nearly $40,000 In Debt

@annie d m@twitter Do we really think it's not possible to feel that our past behavior was incredibly wrong-headed and also acknowledge that it led us to become the people we are today, for better or worse? I really don't understand this "she didn't learn anything!" line of criticism here.

Obviously this author's experience is really relatable to some people and really galling to others. I often have a bit of a chip on my shoulder when it comes to people who grew up with privilege (which I very much did not) but she seems pretty honestly self-reflective about it here, which is why I can't quite grok all the raginess.

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On The Importance of Gazing at the Day's First Light

@laurel I agree, it makes me sad that the popular attitude these days is total dismissal. His writing could be really beautiful and much more nuanced than a lot of people give him credit for. But I get that sometimes it's hard to separate him as a writer from the type of insufferable young man apt to become obsessed with his writing for all the wrong reasons.

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On ASTR, "Hold On We're Going Home" (Drake Cover)

Oh man, THANK YOU (re: all the odes to the "good girl" in popular music recently). That shit skeeves me out. (Much like Drake himself, sorry, I don't get it.)

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On So It's 1852 and You've Decided to Drink Less Water

Yup, adding more things that contain calories makes anything less fattening. *Nods*

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On Spam From Rihanna

@pajamaralls I call it the figure 4. And it is a good one.

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On The Middle Part Is Having Its Moment, Again, Somehow

@j-i-a I pretty much fulfill all these criteria so I'm going to choose to believe I'm "pulling it off." But really, my hair just violently, stringily rebels when I try to part it any other way.

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On Disney Princesses Dressed in the Style of the Year Their Movies Came Out

@rosaline I remember the Disney Channel making a huge deal about The Little Mermaid coming out, a return to classic Disney fairy tales and all that. It's crazy to think that the last one before that was Sleeping Beauty, which also wasn't a huge hit in its day and probably contributed to that style of Disney dying out for a while.

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