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By sunsoda on Wedding Town

This is so well written. Thank you for so clearly sharing your thoughts and feelings about the complex way we perform our gender and identity. I'm a bit surprised that your friend wouldn't let you wear something you felt more comfortable in! You're a good friend and (very) nice person to play along and dress up.

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By itmakesmewonder on Wedding Town

What I don't understand is why a lifelong friend of a proud androgyne wanted her to dress up in this Girl Sunday costume and be uncomfortable on this important day. WEDDINGS, what are they.

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By Lucienne on Anna Fitzpatrick, What's Actually In Your Bag Right Now?

I would like to know what a Diane costume is like!

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By Dr.KennethNoisewater on Anna Fitzpatrick, What's Actually In Your Bag Right Now?

I didn't realize how much I missed this feature until just now. Thanks for bringing it back!

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By districter on

@tofuswalkman I thought the Sopranos was a snore and could not get through it. I think watching it in my TV mind of 2014, I have already seen Tony's character, so instead of ground breaking it feels tired.

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By Jazmine Hughes on Women Real Tired of Your Shit in Art

@AmandaElsewhere @moe-zee Hi friend-os! Here I am, weighing in (and I wanted to think carefully, hence a delay). I think you can all surmise my stance on the Hairpin/Toast similarities here, but if not, several people have already said it throughout.

The Hairpin is a great place, you know? It's freeing and weird and genuine and smart and such a dream to work on. But the Hairpin, now, is different from when it started, because the people running it are different -- that's just the way it goes. Same foundation, different house, slightly different curtains. A lot of things have changed around these parts, especially for the better -- the Awl has real offices, there's a Canadian on staff, we are paying every single writer and illustrator -- and things will continue to do so, so strap in for the ride.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, which you are 100% free to do forever and ever, and you know where to find Haley and I privately, if you ever to want to talk over email.

Also fuck those fucking spambots forever.

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By moe-zee on Women Real Tired of Your Shit in Art

Okay, I just recreated my account to say: c'mon, Pinners, this site is fucking TRYING and "wah, this sucks, I want my old Hairpin back" is just so disrespectful to the obvious efforts of Jazmine & Co. So New Hairpin, for the record, I have the greatest respect for your determination and spirit to recapture the essence of the Old Hairpin and make it your own.

As for "where did everyone go", well...I migrated over to The Toast because I enjoyed Nicole Cliffe's writing style and found the site playing host to a really wonderful comment community so I pitched my tent, bought the T-shirt, etc.

I know The Hairpin had a few rough years when they sadly waved goodbye to some really talented writers, and perhaps that explains the "ghost town" feel in the comment section: Laws of attraction, y'all. But sweet baby Jeebus, give The New & Improved Hairpin a chance. And lastly, if a writer from a sister site like The Toast can be inspired by 2011 Hairpin posts (perhaps Mallory is free-rolling off it and giving it her own special spin, who really knows) then for goodness sake, why can't The Hairpin do the same, ESPECIALLY SINCE IT WAS THEIR ORIGINAL IDEA.

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By 260968132@twitter on More Adventurous

I'm trying but I can't not. Led = past tense of 'to lead'.


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By frownheights on The Prom King on Instagram, 10 Years After the Party

@hotdog I am certain, because it is obvious from the specific language she uses throughout the essay, that the "we all" the author is using is specifically referring to her high school cohort. Nowhere is she generalizing about thirty-somethings in general, come on.

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