By fb10101340239401501 on Going For The Burn: Revisiting Jane Fonda's Workouts

This is a true story:

When I was four, my mother had the Jane Fonda workout, and I would do it with her. I would stand next to her and try all the moves, twists, turns. The only problem was: I was four, and wasn't really great at taking direction; if Jane Fonda moved to the left, I would mirror her and move to my right, and so on.

So, one evening, my mom and I were exercising to a Jane Fonda tape. Jane Fonda swirled her hips to the side, and said "Turn to the right!" My mother turned to the right. I turned to the left.

We were exercising in the living room, which had a section of wall that protruded outward, with two corners jutting into the room. It was one of these corners that I connected with, after my mother's hip, moving in the opposite direction of mine, collided with me.

I woke up in the passenger seat, blood trickling down from my forehead. I had hit the wall head-on. I was woozy, out of it, but I remember my mother, panicked, saying it was going to be okay.

She took me into the emergency room, and the attending nurses pulled me aside as soon as I was signed in. After all, a four-year-old child with a gaping head wound might have just experienced serious domestic abuse, and they needed to know. One of them took a warm cloth and began to wipe blood from my cheek and forehead, and spoke to me softly.

"Are you feeling okay, honey?" he asked.

"Yes." I was still light-headed, but tried to look him in the eye.

"Can you tell us how this happened?" The nurses loomed over me, waiting for some horrible news. I nodded, solemnly, and replied:

"Jane Fonda."

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By Lola P. on 32 Feelings & Then Some: An Inquiry into the Non-Legacy of Ani DiFranco

@captainbartlet we love you sad gay teen!!!!!

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By captainbartlet on 32 Feelings & Then Some: An Inquiry into the Non-Legacy of Ani DiFranco

man oh man I'm a sad gay teen and I literally discovered Ani like 3 days ago and I'm loving it because she reminds me of the music my (lesbian) moms used to play in the car when I was very little and also because my queer babysitter with yiddish tattoos taught me to play 'both hands' on the ukulele when I was 8 and I had no idea what the song was about then but anyway both those things stand up to your lesbian nostalgia theories also I did have a slight Lana obsession for the past few months wow you guys did some spot-on sociological research for this A+ work

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By selyse on I Can't Wear Heels

The right heel can be just a comfortable as a flat ... more comfortable, even. You just have to find the right shoe. Look for a comfortable heel height, a toe box that doesn't squish you and a heel that is a reasonable balance between supportive and sexy. Corporette has many posts/discussion about finding comfortable heels (http://corporette.com/2014/04/08/how-to-wear-heels/) with some great recommendations. But like most things, baby steps! Start gradually, build up some skills first. Maybe a nice wedge to start?

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By Yellojkt@twitter on 32 Feelings & Then Some: An Inquiry into the Non-Legacy of Ani DiFranco

Oversaturation Hypothesis: Since she was her own label executive nobody ever told her that not every random thought she ever had needed to be set to music and released.

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By Lucienne on "Cheap Sunglasses, Expensive Lingerie"

@bitzyboozer Cosigned on the Revlon lipstick.

I don't have sensitive skin, so my rule is "cheap moisturizer, expensive foundation."

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By Jazmine Hughes on Weekend Roundup / Open Thread


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By sunsoda on Wedding Town

This is so well written. Thank you for so clearly sharing your thoughts and feelings about the complex way we perform our gender and identity. I'm a bit surprised that your friend wouldn't let you wear something you felt more comfortable in! You're a good friend and (very) nice person to play along and dress up.

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By itmakesmewonder on Wedding Town

What I don't understand is why a lifelong friend of a proud androgyne wanted her to dress up in this Girl Sunday costume and be uncomfortable on this important day. WEDDINGS, what are they.

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By Lucienne on Anna Fitzpatrick, What's Actually In Your Bag Right Now?

I would like to know what a Diane costume is like!

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