"By inserting them into farcical scenario, we can then see that the stereotypes themselves are farcical, and then we can eschew them, all while laughing..."

I take it you're not buying the argument that Kimmy Schmidt is trying to pull off this same feat? Or is it just that they're not pulling it off well enough?

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On Kanye West is Fucking Real

"He truly does not give a shit about your opinion on him." Probably, but I truly don't give a shit about his opinion on anything and I wish he would stop overestimating the extent to which anyone does, frankly.

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On A User's Guide to Raising Your New Puppy While Remaining Sort Of Sane

I consider myself very very lucky that my getting a puppy coincided with Gilmore Girls becoming available to stream on Netflix. However now I'm on season 6 and I'm starting to get anxious...

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On Anna Fitzpatrick, What's Actually In Your Bag Right Now?

@Anna Fitz But isn't Diane the unseen character Agent Cooper is always giving dictation to? Is that why you won, because no one actually knows what Diane looks like and therefore it's a bulletproof costume?

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On The "Queerosphere," Letting Terrible Dog Owners Lie, And Smelly Business

"Bathrooms are going to get stunk up. That’s an unavoidable fact of life." YES. It drives me crazy when people get so neurotic and sneaky about a dang bodily function that we all deal with. Just do it in your own bathroom! Everyone else does it too! Jeez.

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@districter Yeah, that was a big part of it. I came to it late and while I'm sure it must have been groundbreaking at the time I didn't feel like it had that same impact having already seen so many shows follow that blueprint and do it so well. Also apparently I'm some kind of monster because I just didn't like Tony as a character or have any sympathy for him whatsoever. Or anyone else on the show, really. And generally I have no problem with complex/unlikeable characters...but these people I just wasn't even interested in. *Creed arms, sea of haters, etc.*

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Nope, Team Gabe on this one, because I agree so hard with this "...just because you have permission doesn’t mean what you’re doing isn’t kind of toxic and a waste of your time. We all have the scabs that we like to pick because sometimes picking scabs feels the good kind of bad, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be better off not touching the goddamned scabs." But I'm with Jane on The Sopranos.

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On Women Real Tired of Your Shit in Art

@373756671@twitter I think the advent of the Toast combined with some of the editorial changes over the years killed the commenting culture, frankly. The tone of the site became more impersonal and there were fewer long form pieces, more "here's a link to a thing" with little or no commentary. I'm glad to see it's getting back on track because, like many, I miss the old Hairpin!

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On Women Real Tired of Your Shit in Art

Well, this got awkward.

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On 29 Is the Best Age

29 was kinda tumultuous and fucked up for me, but it was when I started figuring out a lot of stuff that made my 30s waaaay more awesome. The Saturn return can be a real bitch but worth it in the end.

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