I Dream of Britney

In 2008 I started a single topic Tumblr that never went anywhere. It was called I Dream of Britney, and the idea was that readers would submit their celebrity-laden fantasies and nightmares (no one ever posted but me, though). At that point, Tyra Banks was my subconscious’s most frequent famous guest star. Those dreams usually involved some sort of America’s Next Top Model scenario in which she was judging me and finding me insufficiently fierce and overly dumpy. READ MORE

The Best Time I Peed on Something for Revenge

Jessica: OK I meant to pee on my ex-boyfriend's car, but I was smart enough to be like, "It's going to be really embarrassing if he catches me squatting on his hood," so my roommates and I peed in Dunkin Donuts coffee cups and empty Ben & Jerry's containers and brought them over to his house to dump on his car. READ MORE