On Ask a Clean Person: Green Cleaning Alternatives

@notjenny That's what I've been doing, but they're still not up to par. Two dogs and a mechanic boyfriend...

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On Ask a Clean Person: Green Cleaning Alternatives

Oh! I can't believe you didn't mention natural soft-scrub! Baking soda, few drops of Dr Bronners and maybe a few of your favorite essential oil, or lemon juice. Mix in a dash or so of water until it gets pastey, and CLEAN!

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On Ask a Clean Person: Green Cleaning Alternatives

Is Murphy Oil Soap ok for wood floors with a wax finish? When we bought our house we refinished the floors, stripping up the nasty, yellowed plastic coating and replacing it with beautiful, natural wax. Only now it's trickier to clean. Any suggestions?

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On Living With Breasts That Can Be Seen From Orbit

I just wish the same "do what ya gotta do, it's your body" attitude was granted to women who choose breast augmentation. Same body part, same issues (save for back pain) for women with small, deformed, or uneven breasts, but the fact that they want MORE boob somehow makes them threatening, greedy tramps.

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On Dry Brush Your Friends

@janeminty "Manual lymphatic drainage" somehow doesn't have the same warm, squishy ring to it that "detoxing the body" does.

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On Labyrinth Ear's Spooky, Hypnotic "Snow White" Music Video

Just as surreal as the original soundtrack, but my vote always goes with early jazz...

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On Some Questions I Asked My Gynecologist

Q: Have you ever seen that movie "Teeth?"
A: Yes, actually...

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On What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life

I'm white and I got the Addy doll because I was really into Civil War history. I also bought her by saving up my allowance for over a year. I went without accessories and made my own, because that would have taken another couple of months to save up for. I guess that's not very funny/edgy/totally girly~*~*~*

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On Menstrual Cups: Are They for You?

I LOVE MY CUP! And I'm not afraid to say it! I got the MeLuna cups, which are from Germany. They come with a few different "handles" and several smaller sizes, because even the small-sized DivaCup was way too "Diva" for me.

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On Catch a Foreign Accent

Foreign Accent Syndrome is fascinating! It's not an accent at all, it's just brain damage, and the change in the way the person speaks just sounds like an accent. The brain damage causes her to soften R's or round out O's, and so on, giving an effect of an accent. From the outside, it's like an accent, but in the brain, it's no different than if she woke up and half her face was paralyzed or something. So cool!

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