On Themes I Have Considered For My December Wedding, Based on Some Recent Viewings/Experiences

Having recently survived wedding planning, number 2 sounds AMAZING.

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On How To Change Your Name In 41 Easy Steps

@Kateness same reaction --this is bonkers. I just changed my name and it was unpleasant in the way bureaucratic things always are, but once my number was finally called the name change itself took like five minutes, plus the two week wait for a new card. Of course, I have been to the DMV twice now and still do not have an updated license, so...

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On Real Perfumes For Fictional People

Er...these are are actually fictional perfumes for real people, just saying.

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On Apologia

@BoatGirl Came down here to comment on that exact passage, I love it...perfect descriptor for Sheryl Sandberg & co saying that women just need to lean in, while they don't even pay lip service to policy issues like affordable childcare or a real living wage.

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On Go On With Your Bad Self: Misadventures In Self-Improvement

@knmarley But! Except for the spending money part Hallie Bateman has the right idea-- I am useless with makeup and I love to swing by Sephora and get them to "show" me how to do my eye makeup, especially if I'm on my way to a wedding or some other fancy thing. (I'll usually buy some small thing out of guilt)

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On The Trouble With Reader-Shaming: A Y.A. Book List

@pollypeachum Oh man I LOVED Catherine, Called Birdy, I had forgotten about that book.

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On What I’ve Learned About the Weddings I Remembered

Can I just say I'm semi obsessed with the outfits here? The magenta wrap dress with vintage earrings! black wool minidress with buttons up the back!

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On This College Graduation Season, Give the Gift of Eggs

Link to BW is broken

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On You Are Not a Descendant

Oh I really love this. I know exactly what you mean about getting mojo from ancestors who aren't famous, just tough as nails. I had a really, really hard winter this year and I remember feeling better whenever I walked by the Irish famine memorial in downtown Boston...like, my ancestors stuck *that* out, I can handle this. (I'm descended from the poor slobs who actually stayed in Ireland through the famine and came along to the U.S. much later.)

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On Mad Men, Season 7 Premiere: Is This Where the Fire Starts?

@sophi I don't think she's going to get murdered, personally, but I'm super excited to see what they do with all that atmospheric, Joan Didion-esque creeping dread. Mad Men absolutely excels at building dread and anxiety and then never allowing it to really climax as much as people simply move onto other distractions...which is maybe not as satisfying, narrative-wise, as a murder or Don jumping off the roof, but a lot more true to life.

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