I Came Dressed to Kill: Tracking the Nicki Minaj Makeunder

The cover art for Nicki Minaj’s new single, "Anaconda," is a backshot of the rapper squatting in a g-string. (Oh: There it is.) The visual was, almost immediately, enough to trigger some paternalistic outrage—for how dare a top rapper bare so much of herself in a genre that is so consistently respectful to women? READ MORE

"Penis, Penis, PENIS!": The Legend of Nancy Silberkleit

Nancy Silberkleit is, by trade, an elementary school art teacher. She worked with kids in New Jersey, helped set up art education programs in schools and group homes and, according to her official biography, "was instrumental in launching the Hudson Valley Children's Museum, located in Nyack, New York." Additionally—in the parlance of those of us who have taken art classes—she emitted hella art teacher vibes. Silberkleit had long grey hair, glasses, with the air of having been a hippie at one point. Most prominently, her demeanor was kind, engendered trust; she spoke patiently and deliberately. READ MORE

Hard Out Here for a White Feminist

British singer Lily Allen has released "Hard Out Here," her first single since 2009, and the accompanying video is quite the piece of work, in an extreme "WTF, DOG" way. READ MORE

Case of the Fake People: On TLC's CrazySexyCool Biopic

TLC is one of the best-selling girl groups of all time, second only to the Spice Girls. They have sold 65 million albums, clocked 10 top-ten Billboard Hip-Hop/R&B singles (bested in girl-group zone only by Destiny's Child), and changed so many of their fans' lives they had to drop an entire album essentially responding to the buckets of inspirational letters they were receiving about it. (Fanmail, you know—"I get lonely tooooo.") Their personal style and spiritual estiílo totally altered the culture; they popularized Cross Colours clothing to a mainstream audience, condoms as accessory (and, by extension, sexual empowerment and maturity), and fused rap and R&B when the twain were still skeptical bedpartners. Most importantly, they were early-on educating and inspiring women on having self-confidence, practicing safe-sex, being bossy, giving playas the gasface, and otherwise taking no shorts. READ MORE