On Ask a Utah College Student: Can Men and Women Be Friends?

@Ferris Wheel In my BF's defense, he did say that he's not laying down the law about who I'm allowed to speak with, but just that it hurts his feelings that I'm still interested in talking with these dudes. He's also got quite a bit of cheating baggage - his dad cheated on his mom and he's been cheated on before, too - so I know it's an extra-sensitive issue for him. I really like him besides this one issue, but is this too juiceboxy to be tolerated?

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On Ask a Utah College Student: Can Men and Women Be Friends?

OH MY HECK. This post is blowing my mind for two reasons: 1) USU is my alma mater and it's crazy to see it on my favorite website of all time. 2) My boyfriend and I are currently in a fight about this very issue. He's mad at me because I occasionally (like once a month or less) talk to or interact (platonically! Appropriately!) with ex-boyfriends (some of them). He says it's impossible to be fully in one relationship and still maintain contact with people you once had feelings for. I say he's being ridiculous and controlling. Thoughts, anyone?

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On What Dogs Want

Nirvana for my dog would consist of living in a lake (yes, in the water) with an endless supply of deer carcasses and cat poop. Yeah, dogs are the best/so disgusting.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Get Rid of Your Men, Seriously, They Are Revolting

@duncatra Does the sponge have a smell of its own?

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On How to Survive a 10-Hour Flight Like a Lady

Ok, but PLEASE, for the love of God, do not eat bananas in public! The smell! The sound! The leftover peel that continues to smell! I can't be the only person who thinks bananas are like masturbating: wonderful and delicious but only appropriate in private (or maybe with a partner? Close enough).

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On Fatal Distraction

Recently, a friend of mine accidentally forgot about his dog in his truck, and she died. This story took me several hours to read because I kept having to stop and do something else in order to avoid breaking down at work. These stories are so tragic and those who have lost loved ones (human or canine) deserve all of our compassion.

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On Crones!

@octagonfudge Ha! Mind grapes.

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