By Decca on Superbowl Monday

@iceberg My favourites are all the: "Did you suspect Richard III was buried there?", "Well, I had a hunch".

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By Emby on Doubleplusungood

@leon s It's like they say, "If you're not a descriptivist when you're young, you have no heart. If you're not prescriptivist when you're older, you have no amazeballs."

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By leonstj on Men Are Like This, Women Are Like This

Ought Women Be Taught To Read?

Only their P's & Q's, so that they might mind them.

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By JessicaLovejoy on It is Upon Us

@pkle "I thought it was a very sad, handwritten book."

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By redheaded&crazy on Friday Open Thread

@emkay hahahahahahahaha birthday party for the week old dishes. I personally think that's hilarious although my usual response would be to the pile the old dishes on the perpetrator's bed. Which is equally as passive aggressive but not as funny.

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By Daisy Razor on Friday Open Thread

Birchbox thread! I loved my box this month. Especially the perfume sample, which I am going to guard with my life, because $165 is redonkulous.

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By sugar cubism on Why Do We Still Live Here, in This Repulsive Town?

Perhaps too cliche to mention, but "I can't make you love me" is a wrencher. Sing it Bonnie. I KNOW.

ALSO, some folk songs really get it too. "Iowa" by Dar Williams, for instance. "Bodily" by Ani DiFranco.

Also, "Maybe So" by Low Anthem.

And "Against All Odds" too. Phil has been there, he really has.

OK FINE I'm corny but my feelings are really real.

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By emkay on Why Do We Still Live Here, in This Repulsive Town?

Fiona Apple's "Oh Well"
"My peace and quiet was stolen from me/When I was looking with calm affection/You were searching out my imperfections/What wasted unconditional love/On somebody who doesn't believe in the stuff/Oh well."
Absolutely perfect when you're trying to pretend the breakup doesn't bother you, and perfect for that wonderful day when it actually doesn't.

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By Mariajoseh on Why Do We Still Live Here, in This Repulsive Town?

Fiona Apple is my ultimate break-up singer. (NEVER IS A PROMISE, OMG SO SAD) and Shakira has one in Spanish called Inevitable, which is the proof that she is a brilliant lyricst when she's not singing about being a she-wolf.

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