On 12 Going on 13: A Poem From My Diary in 1989

"I can love beauty and hate drugs and like Kenny G and hate Metallica with my own friends."

Words to live by.

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On I Was Wrong About the Grateful Dead

@KJZ Thanks so much! I'm totally going to look it up now!

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On I Was Wrong About the Grateful Dead

What a beautiful piece! This was a great read.

I was actually born at a Grateful Dead concert, my mom had followed them around for a while. I appreciate them but don't listen to their music that much, weirdly. Maybe I just haven't given them a chance!

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On Welcome to Stoner's Laundry

Beautiful! This was such a wonderful piece.
I'm from Colorado Springs and I remember this place-- I used to pass it a lot while doing political canvassing and I went to school down the street. So fun to see Colorado Springs pop up on The Hairpin!

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