On I Blew It With Scott Speedman

Scott Speedman never fails to make me think, "UNNNNNNF."

Also, I re-watched Felicity on netflix last Fall. I am so Team Ben.

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Naked Sisters and the Coin Purse

@nevernude cutoffs Your icon and username are amazing! As is your Laura-ness.

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On The Day You Get Your MFA in Poetry

Congratulations Lindsay! You always make my internet life so rich!

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Naked Sisters and the Coin Purse

Losing/ dropping/ breaking things is NOT out of the ordinary for me, but if I told my friend Laura about something that WAS, I'm pretty sure her first suggestion would also be consulting my astrological chart.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Warren Beatty Thinks This Song Is About Him

Bonnie and Clyde is the reason why I added Mr. Beatty to my "if I had a time machine..." list. AHP, youda best for this!

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On The Pristine Myth

@fleurdelivre And by teeny-tiny, I mean that I was raised with a disproportionate amount of cultural emphasis placed on my native heritage when considering how diluted the bloodline has become in recent generations.

In other words, when my brother and sister and I watched that Christopher Guest movie about making a movie called Home for Purim and one of the characters said, "Certificate Degree of Indian Blood...it's on my wall, kemo." we died laughing, re-wound it three times, and decided it should be on our family crest.

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On The Pristine Myth

I'm a teeny-tiny bit Native American and that's my preferred term and also the one I use with non-native friends. I used to get uptight about "Indian" until I met and got to be friends with a bunch of born-on-the-rez Navajos and that's what they called themselves. I still use "native" rather than Indian, though.

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On The Best Time I Took a Limo to See Tom Petty and Almost Got to Ride in a Ferrari

I would be inconsolably bummed if I missed "I Won't Back Down." Also, can we get "the best time I spent a cab ride with Ben Bailey" next?

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On 'Pin Picks: Inaugural Edition

I just withdrew On Beauty this morning from the library's collection and thought to myself, "I need to read this." HAIRPIN SYMPATICO!

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On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin I wrote mine about a week ago? Our correspondence has been infrequent, but always delightful.

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