really, only thursday????

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On Angela's Ashes

@HereKitty :) :) :)

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On The Best Time I Fainted While Posing Nude

These emotionally abusive boyfriends! Convincing you that *you* are the problem! If only you were better, things would be fine! Many aspects of your dynamic rang far too true.
Great story, so glad you are stronger and well and healthy now.
NB @downwiththeship Bicycles, dark bars and tattoos belong to everyone.

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On 5 Moments in the Life of a Black Mother

Weeping at work. Painful and all too real. Thank you Hope, for writing this, it deserves to be widely shared. How do we talk about prejudices? How do we overcome them?

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On Good Morning

Best day ever! :)

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On Weekend Roundup / A Haley Mlotek Appreciation Post

Happy wedding!

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On Wash Your Clothes, You Filthy Animals


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On The Best Time I Peed On Myself

So much discomfort reading this. So glad you came out the other side!

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Toronto! Really!

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On Canadian Man Wins Canadian Prize

@uemmak I did! But I was more excited by realising that Murdoch Mysteries dude was THE Yannick Bisson, crush of my childhood. Plus it was all about Sean Sean Sean!

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