On An Introductory Journey Through Blake Lively's Lifestyle Website

Oh, Jia, thank you! I started to laugh at "a lifestyle website is a website that will teach you to style your life for the web so that on the web your life may appear stylish enough for a lifestyle website" and by "thebrine" I was chortling and guffawing and finally by "get it off that heatlet!" tears were streaming. I'm exhausted now. Thank you. A great start to my day!

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On Your Clitoris Is the Size of a 'Medium Zucchini,' and Other Vagina Facts You Didn't Know

Wow! Best learning I've had all day! This vacuuming-sperm trick has got to be researched further! Anyone?

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On Mysteries of Adulthood

"At what precise moment did you go from being a “late bloomer” to “barren”?" hits way too close to home. But all of this is brilliant.

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On The All-Healing Chickpea-Chorizo Frittata

yeah NEG and chickpeas!

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On The Best Time I Realized Sleepless in Seattle Sort of Sucks

Yeah, I always feel sorry for the hapless boyfriend who gets jilted in romcoms, in this case Bill Pullman. Between this and @jogod's re-visioned ending I better understand the discomfort I felt even at the time! (Another beloved-but-not-by-me movie that is actually terrible: Pretty Woman)

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On The Single Woman Need Not Be Eternally Panic-Stricken: An Interview With Sara Eckel

Love this interview. As a just-turned-40 single lady, who also feels a whole lot "lighter" than I might have in my early-mid 30s, the lessons presented ring so true.

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On Alice Munro's Choices, and a Reading List

This, this is the post that brought me out of lurkerdom! Thanks AHP, for your insightful celebration of Alice and her talent. As @HereKitty said, wonderful writing about a wonderful writer. Thank you!

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