@beetnemesis ugh, what? So much gender essentialism here. I don't care to talk to anyone about shoes.

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On Let Me Love You

This is really beautiful and resonates with me on many different levels. I hate that the patriarchy has instilled a tightening in my chest at the success/compliments of other women. It feels like we have to scrabble to win over the tiny piece of the pie awarded to women as a group, and as a feminist, it's hard to constantly remind oneself that this is not the case/other women shouldn't bear the brunt of our frustration with this.

One small issue - "some [women] will be actual bitches" - what is an "actual bitch"?

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On Book Titles, Answered

@deathcabforcutes I guess I'm a Beytheist because I don't believe in gods, but I love that picture of Beyonce...

(Also, BRB going to listen to Sandcastle Disco because I've never heard it and I love her True EP so I'm sold!)

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On The Bacha Posh of Afghanistan


(as a side note, you're winning me over HARD, Jazmine.)

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On A Man Walks Into A Bar

A woman takes a lover. A female lover named Karen. They ride off into the sunset together on a horse, completely fulfilled. Man is still in bar.

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On The Hairpin Rom Com Club: She's All That

This is the first one of these I've read despite being a huge Chloe Angyal/Feministing fan - I LOVED it. I rewatch so many childhood favorites only to be disgusted by their political messages, and sounds like She's All That would be one of them!

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On I Mounted a Fox: An Interview with Allis Markham

I'm over the moon about that first picture. Look at the set of that jaw!

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On A Conversation Amongst Me, Taylor Swift, and Langston Hughes, About Being 22

"I'm just maturing really rapidly, I guess. I'm buying red wine." hahahah

I love all of this so much!

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On The White Beauty Myth

(Thanks for getting rid of that awful racism-denial comment! Much appreciated, eds.)

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On Not Like Most Girls

@greyeminence Hell yes, I love you for posting this.

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