On A Playlist of All the Music We've Posted in 2014 So Far


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On Weekend Roundup

With Emma moving to Jezebel and AHP's move to Buzzfeed, I'm happy to see the amazing Hairpin influence spread :)

& I'm so sold on anything Jia writes, I'll buy that novel!

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On Beloved CGI Character Nicolas Cage Performs Admirably in Trailer for Left Behind Reboot

Yessss he is the MOST beloved CGI actor.

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On "Put the feminists in their place": A Q&A With Armina Etminan, Parliamentary Candidate and Member of Sweden's Feminist Party

Put the feminists in their place, indeed. Everything about her was awesome!

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On A Visit to Los Mangeles

She is ridiculously likable!

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On "Clear Speech Takes Courage"

Loved this, especially with your framing, Emma

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On On "Being the Only Girl in a Band"

Hell yeah. This made me like so many of these bands even more.

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On Why Would a Hoe Be Loyal? Tink Has the Answers

Yeeaaahhh Tink! Secretly hoping she'll make a surprise appearance with Kelela at Pitchfork!

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On A Beta Male Journeys Through the Femireich

Ayn Rand's The Feminist

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On Sia, "Chandelier" (BASECAMP Remix)

@idrathernot & Jia!

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