On Interview With a Virgin: Ben

@Countess Maritza Your experiences and worries sound a lot like mine, except I'm a lowercase-d dude. I considered commenting earlier, but like you, worried about thread-jacking, sounding whiny, etc. So thank you for breaking this particular patch of ice! I'm glad I checked back on comments here, and I'm considering emailing Jia. Possibly. Maybe.

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On Lindsey Leonard's Voicemails to Me

Yay! I woke up this morning deeply ashamed of myself and my country, but this has negated ALL OF THAT!

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On Go Halfsies on … The Ridiculous Vacation

Maldives Pin-Up, anyone? The more of us who commit, the cheaper it is for everybody. I have zero issues with sleeping on the roof. And only a few issues with the restaurant.

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On How College Girls Talk


Yes! A coworker of mine talks like this and it drives me bonkerssss. All day, hissy-hissing coming from two cubicles over. I figured it was Just Me being annoyed at Just Her, but apparently I have to brace (brayssssse) myself against it everywhere I go now.

Also, not to draw undue offtopic attention, but this comment is like my first toe in the waters of the very best online community ever. So, hi everyone!?!?

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On How to Ace a Job Interview, With Mariel Fiedler and Lindsey Leonard

Thank you for applying for the position of (MY INTERNAL MONOLOGUE) in the (MY HEAD). You have the job, congratulations! Surgery time!

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On Miss Edith, the Most Beautiful Doll in the Land

I expressed that very wish on facebook recently! And I'm using this, my first-ever Hairpin comment, to say I did so. CREEPY!

Hi Edith!

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