On Ask Someone Who Recently Went to Rome

Everything in Rome is great. Second the suits--my god, the suits. So many handsome, dapper, sexyasfuck Roman men in suits. Also, the gelato. Was there on my honeymoon this past summer and we had gelato every afternoon. You can get real foodie about it, and look up the best gelato in every neighborhood...but really, just buy it, all the time, every day. So good.

And finally, what we hadn't anticipated (first time in Europe!) is that restaurant schedules are incredible specific. American restaurants are open all the time, essentially; Italian restaurants, if they do lunch, are open until like, 3, maybe? Probably earlier? And then close down and don't open back up until 7 at the earliest--more likely 8. That's where the reading and cafes and all the apperitivos come in--such a great routine.

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On Read These and Suicide's Note: An Annual

Gahhhhh so many happy feelings at Poetry Foundation/Hairpin collaboration. Cannot even begin.

Also, so happy Mary Karr was the pick for this month. Was blown away by both of these poems the fist time I read them.

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On Ask a Humanities Grad Student, Part One: Scotch and Lentils

LW3--As someone who has now lived with my parents, rando roommates, and (as of today!! ee!!) my fiance, be realllllly conscious about the kind of environment you need to work. Living with my parents, while sad and lame (love you mom and dad!), actually helped me get a lot of work done. They're nice, quiet people who go to bed at 9, and so I had all of the grad student witching hours to myself to read and write with no noise and no interruptions. The shared house I just moved out of was a nightmare--not beause the people were awful, because they weren't. They were all med students, actually. But they all did their work at school/in the lab, and so when they came home it was time for LOUD television and LOUD talking etc etc etc. Have spent a lot of money on earplugs in the last year. Figure out what your personal zone is for productivity (do you need quiet? silence? noise? need to take a lap around the house everytime you finish a paragraph?), take into account what facilities the school will offer (office? nice library? shitty depressing awful library that's only open weird hours?) and your willingness to spend your weekends working at school rather than at home, and then decide. The wonderful and awful truth about grad school is that, at anytime during the semester, you will always have work to do, at any time of day. You can choose to put if off for awhile, but you really have to acclimate to the face that you'll spend a few hours on campus teaching and taking classes, and then need to spend the next few hours reading/researching/writing/etc. Living situation can make or break your productivity.

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On New Friends, Surprise Babies, and the "Rare Phenomenon"

@@serenityfound OMG. Have to wear pants 100% because of stupid dude roommates toooooo. Moving in with my fiance THIS WEEKEND and I'm not gonna wear pants for, like, the first year, just to make up for lost time.

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On I Have That: Snatiation

Photic sneezer here. The worst part is when I forget my sunglasses while driving somewhere and inevitably end up sneezing a few times in addition to being blinded. Sneezing while driving is also my greatest irrational fear; have done it a bunch of times, which should have disproved its danger by now...but it hasn't. Always convinced I'm gonna wreck my car and die a terrible, sneezy death.

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On All the Weddings I Have Ever Been to, as I Remember Them

@Gnatalby Best/worst wedding weekend I've ever had was a "dry" wedding. My now-fiance was in the wedding party and the only people I knew at the wedding were the boys in the wedding party and one girl who I didn't much care for. Spent the night before the party getting wassssssssted with all of the groomsmen in our hotel room and subsequently trashing it; spent the wedding night becoming BFFs with everyone at my table bc I was alone (fiance was seated at the head table) which was sucky but then awesome bc I ended up at the young-alcoholics-passing-flasks-under-the-table-table. Drunk by the end of dinner. So much dancing. So much awesome.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: Now That We've All Made Our Beds

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Ikea! Idk if it's the right size, but they totes have plain white square pillows. I have three (four? uh?) right now and this summer when I have more time (or, when I can put off schoolwork with less guilt), I'm gonna march myself over to JoAnn Fabrics, buy something awesome, and be a crafty femme and make me some kickass covers. With zippers and everything. YEAH.

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On Face Moles, "Perfection," and Shifting Dynamics

@phlox Totes have one of those moles and I love it. Makes shirt decision making so easy!

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On Face Moles, "Perfection," and Shifting Dynamics

AHhhhhHH! As a fellow be-moled lady, I caution you to be careful when considering mole removal. Are you a scar-inclined kind of lady? Because I am. And I got a mole removed bc my dermatologist told me it looked kind of cancer-y, and knowing that I was liable to scar, I had it done by a plastic surgeon rather than just the dermatologist in his office AND IT STILL SCARRED SOMETHING AWFUL AND I DIDN'T HAVE CANCER BUT NOW WHERE I USED TO HAVE A MOLE I HAVE A BIG OLE UGLY SCAR. It's seriously the worst. And not fading. And I miss my mole? That's weird, but I do. Anyway, just be caution and realllllllly think about whether you would be up for replacing your mole with some other equally-noticeable-but-not-mole-y skin thing. Also, moles are awesome (see: Cindy Crawford) and if you want we can start a club? #solidarity

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On Nicknames

So many good cat/dog nicknames!
My cat? Bubba, bub, chubs, fats, monkey, buddy, buddybee, and bug. Oh, and I suppose sometimes his real name, but that's boring.

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