When it comes to pain and suffering, she's right up there with Elizabeth Taylor.

By cuminafterall on The Stereotype Pie

100% updating my Facebook profile picture from one photo of me & my husband to another photo of me and my husband

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By avidbiologist on The Stereotype Pie

50% standing in line at CVS with essentially a small mountain of pads because they are on sale and very much needed (and then I'll never run have to buy them again, ahahaha-oh wait), and the only other item I am buying is chocolate BECAUSE OF REASONS.

25% refusing to get barefoot wine because 'that is a relic of my college days; I am more sophisticated now and I buy TRADER JOES WINE', and then when a friend asks me what kind of booze to get me as thanks for dog-sitting, I reply "oh, you know, a box of wine is fine. Any kind. I'm not picky."

25% being obsessed with That Obscure Place Abroad I Went To That Time, You've Probably Never Heard Of It But It's my iPhone Background and Changed Me Forever.(this would take up 100% of the pie but there are extenuating circumstances that I believe exempt me from being actually the most horrible person ever for this)

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By BosomBuddy on The Stereotype Pie

For me, many of these are half-truths. I don't need karaoke or drink, sadly, to slur "Don't Stop Believin'", nor do I need to be stoned to eat too many Doritos. They just have to be on and around. I mean, booze and pot help, but I rarely need that first indulgence to get to the next one. If that makes sense.

Also, mentioned upthread: white wine. I love nothing more than getting my day drunk or after work slow drunk on with white wine. I tell myself I'm not the stereotype because I drink it out of a juice glass.

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By Jinxie on Your Breakfast Has Been Lying to You

@tales Oh, I just figured it was "let's talk about breakfast!" time.

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By mochi on When a Man Writes a Woman

@carolita That part has always bothered me because it seems so out of character but I really like your take on it.

Also, Larsson witnessed a brutal rape as a teenager and it haunted him for the rest of his life. Lisbeth was partly based on that girl. Seems like the fantasy was largely one of elaborate revenge against those attackers... and all the other Men Who Hate Women. That's a fantasy I can get behind.

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By carolita on When a Man Writes a Woman

@Briony Fields I don't know. She did deliberately hide her beauty, thus making her character subversive. It also made it easier for her to disguise herself. To be beautiful conventionally was to be anonymous, if you recall. The boob job was part of the disguise, made her look less like a young girl (and perhaps less subject to men's pervy girl-fantasies, believe me, I've been there and it's gross), made her less remarkable looking when she was on the lam. I got the impression, too, that it was almost a way of copping out, retiring from being who she was. She was tired. Hell, I've gone totally conventional more than once, myself, before being myself again, just out of fatigue or necessity (employment).

I don't object as much to Lisbeth Salander as to other neurotic women characters written by men who seem to think their neuroses makes them attractively fragile. That bugs the shit out of me. Anyway, the whole Dragon Tattoo series was not realism at all, it was activism disguised as adventure. The guy wanted to make a point about all the shit he'd seen done to women during his career. No one would be interested if it was boring and not action-packed with a sort of comic book hero.
I mean, go ahead and read sociology books if you have the attention span. You're more likely to get fired up by the Dragon Tattoo.

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By Briony Fields on When a Man Writes a Woman

I kiiiiind of didn't find Lisbeth Salander all that well written though, am I the only one? She really struck me as some fantasy male stereotype. Like, this teeny punked out slip of a girl who "was beautiful enough to be on any billboard in the world". Of course she has to *actually* be hot underneath whatever facade she has. She was still badass and probably the best developed character in that series, but I still thought she was far from an ideal female character. Am I nuts?

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By emilies on

I just scrolled through all of them and as a PSA I'll just let everyone know that NEITHER COACH NOR TAMI TAYLOR were present.

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By frenz.lo on Three Years of Gchats Trying to Convince My Best Friend to Like Drake

Man, Drake had me at "Threw a bottle at Chris Brown."

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By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on Three Years of Gchats Trying to Convince My Best Friend to Like Drake

His voice is creaky and monotonous, like if a frog developed some serious vocal fry. "I BEEN FEELING REAL GOOODRIBBIT"

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