When it comes to pain and suffering, she's right up there with Elizabeth Taylor.

On Batman For a Day

I work in downtown SF and the Batkid captured the Riddler just a few blocks away from our office. Every single employee in my office was gathered around a computer screen watching the live feed or peering from our 10th story windows to catch a sight of the Batmobile. Our boss came in and asked what was going on and we got a little nervous, wondering if we were about to get in trouble. Two minutes after she learned the story and watched the news stream, she burst into tears. We didn't get a single bit of work done today. It felt like the entire city of San Francisco pressed pause for one day. What a good thing this was. We love you, Batkid.

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On The Stereotype Pie

100% seeing the fucking One Direction movie in the theaters

.......for the second time

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On The Stereotype Pie


Hunnnggggh can we please talk about Wolf Hall please I'm 2/3 done and it's so amazing

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On Janelle Monae Danced All Over Letterman's Desk Last Night

Just a reminder that, as incredible as it sounds, this is not her best late night performance. Her 2010 performance of "Tightrope" on Dave Letterman is the best late night performance I've ever seen - no wonder Dave was excited last night:

Watch it here.

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On What Is the Difference Between Mascara, Eye-Liner and Concealer? Six Philosophical Inquiries

@leon s

Then we send them to The Toast, which will pay them!

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This looks just like my dream wedding.

...Probably because in my dreams I am marrying Matt Saracen.

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It was Sean Parker from Facebook and holy fucking christ I live in the Bay Area and if I have to hear about this ceremony one more time I'm filling my ears with wedding cake. He is the actual worst.


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On Siri, Direct Me to Joaquin Phoenix's Heart

I'm withholding judgment on this movie until I see it, because it could go either way. I mean, yeah, it's unsettling - but doesn't Spike Jonze go for unsettling a lot? Just because the trailer seems to be celebrating this relationship as quirky doesn't necessarily mean the movie does. The first thing this called to mind was Jonathan Lethem's As She Climbed Across the Table.

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On Siri, Direct Me to Joaquin Phoenix's Heart


That's because Lars and the Real Girl is the perfect movie and nothing about it is wrong.

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On Three Years of Gchats Trying to Convince My Best Friend to Like Drake

1) I didn't like Drake until I heard "Marvin's Room" on a Pandora station and was like wtf is this, this is perfect, because it sounded exactly like what a guy I liked would say. Then a few months later I read a bunch of people deconstructing that song and tearing apart all the ways that the narrator was an asshole, and that's how I realized that guy was actually an asshole and I stopped liking him. Now I appreciate Drake for the help and enjoy his music thoroughly.

2) Twice in my life I have dreamed that I ran into Drake in a club and tried to show him my favorite places in the city (once in Oakland, once in San Francisco) by calling my favorite restaurants and convincing them to open up some tables because "Drake was coming over." Note that in these dreams I did not want to sleep with Drake, or get backstage passes, or anything. I guess my subconscious just really wants to be Drake's personal assistant. To repeat, I have had this dream twice.

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