On What It's Like to Live in Daytona Beach

Oh my god, this was beautiful. Danielle Wheeler, you are a talented writer. I can't wait to read your poetry!

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On Zadie Smith on Spring, Climate Change, Apocalypse

I always find it really…fascinating? confusing? frustrating?…when people speak of climate change and it's possible, probable, horrible effects on the environment and then couple that with "my daughter" or "my granddaughter".
If you really believe that climate change will wreak havoc on the planet, why would you put another person the planet to contribute to it and experience its difficulties and miseries? Cognitive dissonance lives.

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On The Heartland Pie

@Katni The Stacked Bob is everywhere. It's one of the few "Hairstyles" left … I mean, besides the Stacked Bob we've only got The Pixie. No other hairstyle even has a name because they are not hairstyles but just haircuts. Long layers is a description. Blunt bangs too, and it only describes the front. Shoulder length could be anything. The Shag is still around, but it's so difficult to pull off. A lot more people can pull off the Stacked Bob. I think that's why it's still around. Some people just want a Hairstyle. Personally I've always preferred a haircut to a Hairstyle, but I'm a minimalist.

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On Ask Baba Yaga: How Can I Tell the Difference Between Prestige and Personal Satisfaction?

@sjöhäxa My boyfriend went to law school for the challenge [partly and also because he wanted a stable career.] Now he's a law-school graduate with a huge law school debt and no job. Please listen to Up Cubed and work in the field before … everything she says is too true. Turning down the challenge of law school might be the best thing you ever did.

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On A Certain Amount of Suffering: On the Women of True Detective

Way too late to this thread for anyone to respond. But I've been thinking about this a lot. Maybe because I started to watch The Killing, season 3 and had to stop because the violence against young girls was just too much, and felt too gratuitous. It's disturbing to me that these shows always, ALWAYS, focus on the killing of young women. We just accept that is the way it is in the world and these shows are reflecting that. Is it? Men get murdered all the time. And if you're doing a serial killer show, why not use as inspiration John Wayne Gacy or Wayne Williams, historical killers who targeted young men? Why the focus on women as victims? To say it's a representation / commentary on real life just doesn't cut it for me. True Detective is a great show and I've enjoyed it … but if it doesn't have something significant to say about all of this, I will be very disappointed.

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On Ask a Psychic

@CaitlinRenee My apologies in assuming you were angry. Your message was strongly worded, which lead me to believe you were angry. But I did not decide you were a strict materialist, I said you seem to be, based on your what you wrote.

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On Every Dress Worn by Best Actress Oscar Winners, 1929-Present

@JustTheTips I was just going to say that! I love long sleeve gowns. Strapless, UGH. Why? You might as well be wearing a bath towel.

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On Ask a Psychic

I don't want to speak for catlinrenee here, so I'll just speak for me. I am not a strict materialist. I believe there's something more to existence than what our senses and intellect can detect. I don't know what that is and I don't believe I'll ever know…but I like thinking about it and hearing what other people think about it. That doesn't mean that I don't believe in science or lack skepticism. It just means that I've got an open mind, curiosity and imagination.
You seem to be a strict materialist. That's fine. No need to get angry when people don't believe exactly what you believe.
Finally, personally, I didn't feel the interview was conducted with "credulity", but rather with the same sort of respect granted to the other interviews with religious/spiritual people. I mean, do you believe in the Christian god? Were you disappointed that the interview with the Christian wasn't more critical of her faith?

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On Ask a Psychic

@CaitlinRenee I love your comment, especially "there is much more to the universe than our limited animal-based perceptions allow." I think that is a difficult and scary thing for people to accept.
I'm also fascinated by the response to this story, especially in contrast to the generally positive responses the interviews with religious people have elicited. I mean, I find the Christian belief system to be completely bonkers, repressive, and close minded…while this woman's belief system seems fairly open minded, gentle and … well, she's created it herself, she's thought about everything and come up with her own explanations, which I find infinitely more admirable than accepting wholesale a system that was invented by nomadic sheep herders 2000+ years ago.

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On The Last Sunday of the Year

Moving to New York (way back in the 90s!) absolutely KILLED my creative drive. At the end of the day after the subway, my tedious desk job, the gym the subway again … all I wanted to do was drink, eat or sleep. Plus, everyone is an artist and everyone seemed better than me and when I was young I let that intimidate me.
Leaving was the best thing I ever did. It took me two years to start writing again, but it's happening. It's so much easier to balance life, work, creativity in other places. SO much easier!

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