On Friday Open Thread

@miss buenos aires I would love to get him to try it, what could be the harm? I also wonder if marijuana would help.

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On Friday Open Thread

Does anyone know anything about phantom limb pain? My dad had an amputation due to cancer a year ago and is suffering severe pain attacks this week. All the doctors do is give him pain meds, which aren't helping. It's my folks' anniversary today, and it has been rooouuugh. TIA

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On Depression, Mothers-in-Law, Friendzones

@sophia_h I totally agree! My husband and i got married when I was 20 and he was 21 (shotgun.) That was 16 years ago. We think it totally works because we became adults together.

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On All the Songs Featured on the Soundtrack of the 1982 Film Adaptation of "Annie," Discussed

@dreeski No Way! That's so cool

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On [Rings Bell]

@atipofthehat Good One!

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On Dolly! Dolly! Dolly!

@melis White stripes! When Jack sings it he sounds so desperate, and I totally agree with Aliceandstuff

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On Sometimes State Quarters...

@The Lady of Shalott Michigan officially got the lamest quarter design. I was really disappointed when it came out. I think a Motown theme, or a model T or something would have been a little more interesting. Having said that, our lakes are totally the best, and btw Minnesotans, we also have thousands more lakes we aren't mentioning.

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On There's a Bear in My Bed

It's no surprise that Chuck Testa is getting so much attention. He's very charismatic.

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On Tall Girls: A Story of Giants

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On Tall Girls: A Story of Giants

@you're a kitty! Some of those people are just insensitive clods, like me, that mean it like a compliment. I'm cringing, because I know I've said it to a tall girl before. I just meant it like I would say, your eyes are so blue, or something. Sorry!

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