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On On Being Unexpectedly Crummy at Breastfeeding

it'll be FIIINE. I wouldn't breast feed as a baby at all (i lost like.. .1/5 of my body weight at one point?) and back when I was born it was either breast feed or bottle feed, no pumping. and i'm totes smart (i have a graduate degree wooo, so maybe i'm not awesome with money. and... i do have a TINY bit of asthma. ok yea.. you fail at life.)


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On Ask a Clean Person: Jeans - Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Kill 'Em

Just wanted to say, i dumped half bottle of red wine on my white rug once on my way out the door (already late) to work (yes.. 8am red wine.. wut) and i remembered OXY CLEAN and that shit came right out. magic. i tried it on the dried in stain that evening (shirt casualty) and it also worked like frakkin' magic. huzzah.

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On Our Bella, Ourselves


only if your definition of "male" includes the exclusive presence of body ownership and freewill. you criticized the trope of the already empowered female (the buffy maxim) by citing that the stories always begin when the character already possesses the physical abilities that make them, what you are calling, "male".

maybe.. maybe there's something to be said that all women already possess the agency to do what they want. i don't think its as much to do with being able to physically harm an enemy as it is having no obstacles to accepting that "hey, i can do what i want to do and what a need to do and no one can stop me".

is that "male"? to believe in yourself? to not need a male counterpart to tell you what to think, feel, do?

if having a character pick up a sword to make their point is what authors need to do.. then more power to them. there are obviously lots of preconceptions about femininity that need to be destroyed.

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On Our Bella, Ourselves


you don't feel like you're supporting the notion that all physical agency is inherently male? you can't possibly think that a female character, to examine your Girl with the Dragon Tattoo example, who rides motorcycles, has sex with whomever she wants and displays mathematical and scientific skillsets is just a disguised male character - a girl with a penis, if you will.

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On Our Bella, Ourselves

@D.@twitter can we be friends?

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On Our Bella, Ourselves

"Lisbeth Salander, the heroine of the popular The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo series, is emotionally stunted but, damn it, she actualizes herself! She punishes the people who hurt her, she sleeps with whomever she wishes, she zips around on a motorcycle, and she’s a master computer hacker. In other words, our actualized female heroine might as well be a tiny man."

... wut

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On Where Did You Learn to Talk Like That?


my roomie in college was from Ypsi and it's not quite southern but the whole kentucky thing.. i get that. she def didn't sound like those of us who grew up in clinton twp.

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On Where Did You Learn to Talk Like That?


and the Pennsylvania dutch accent! WHAT IS THAT?

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On Where Did You Learn to Talk Like That?

@Jessica Poynter@facebook

yes.. please link us to this study! i def make a distinction but all my classmates when i moved to south carolina.... well they mangled it all so much i found it all fascinating!

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On Where Did You Learn to Talk Like That?

I grew up in southeastern Michigan, moved to South Carolina early on in high school.

which basically means no one can understand me ever. EVER!

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