On What Will They Name It

@stuffisthings Reynilda Petronilla Ioetta Scholastica Eunisia Windsor

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On Aren't You Supposed to Call Him "Timmy?"

See also: http://idlewords.com/2012/09/no_evidence_of_disease.htm

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On Ukrainian Barbie Flu

Google image search for "Valeriya Lukyanova" followed by fifteen minutes of screaming

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On Vote! Vote!

* Offer not valid in Ohio, Pennsylvania or Florida. Some restrictions on race may apply. Please see your lawyer to see if voting is right for you. Side effects may include rage, sputtering and too many drinks on election night.

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On The Best Worst Movie

@theharpoon Yes, I've seen it! It's certainly bad in every way -- acting, writing, staging, direction, ability to keep stuff in focus -- but it's more like a terrible, failed art film than a holy-bananas-what-the-hell-were-they-thinking trainwreck like "Troll 2" or "The Room." It's worth seeing, if for no other reason than it was immortalized by Patton Oswalt, but I didn't get the same "so bad it's good" enjoyment from it as I have from other terrible films I've seen. (And I've seen so many. "Stuntrock", anyone?)

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On Dinner and a First Person Shooter

@jen325 Buy TORCHLIGHT instead! It's cheap ($10-15), comes from some really earnest indie developers and has a huge ecosystem of user-built mods and customizations. Even better: it can be run on very old machines and doesn't require a (*spit*) always-on inernet connection.

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On Excavating a 21st-Century Working-Class Female's Workplace

@ginalouise Is 11am too early to head to the Toronado?

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On Explaining Rob Ford to Americans

@frigwiggin Rob Ford is actually a colossal pillar of wasp eggs.

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On William Gibson on the Internet in 1997

For a good writer, that is a tragically mixed metaphor. His otherness met a river which is a mother?

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On Memorable Last Calls

Negroni season isn't for amateurs.

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