On The Rules of Oktoberfest

@laurel "These are not the specific objects I recall"...

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On The Tiny House That's Also a Boat

Wo ist der tinypotty?

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On An Interview With Australopithecus Sediba

Oh, Glont, we are like brothers who never met.

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On Ask a Clean Person: It’s Time to Talk About Your Floors

No pinesol or heavy pine scents around pets: they will go crazy/get horrible burning sensations in their mouths/ears. Use the Murphy's.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Butt Marker, Cast Iron, and Hood Grease

@miss buenos aires For painted hoods, try Simple Green HD. It is not actually green, but it's no ammonia. And put some newspapers on the cooktop so that the grease-and-cleaner drippings don't make a secondary mess.

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On A No Longer Even Remotely Topical Observation About the Remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still

The sound design of the film was actually pretty amazing. I would gladly listen to it again if you could peel off all the voices and the stupid shit that gets said (I'm looking at you John Cleese).

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On "People Still Think That I’m the Same Sad Skank I Was in 2005"

@vanillawaif: What Courtney would say and where it was reported:

1. Got carried out of the London in WeHo in 2009, screaming, "Fuck you, Gordon! When I want a bloomin' onion, I want a fuckin' bloomin' onion!"; TMZ

2. #4 in her list of all-time crushes; she still does a wicked Serge impression when she gets high; Glamour

3. Did him; The Howard Stern Show

4. Did her; Modern Maturity

5. Met him at Bar Marmont once, smacked him across the face just to make sure he could blink. He did; somewhere in the transcript of one of Frances Bean's parental fitness hearings.

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On The Safe House

You'll love your foot-thick concrete walls until you want to hang a picture. Then you have to drag out the hammer drill and blast away.

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On Labyrinth Ear's Spooky, Hypnotic "Snow White" Music Video

@retrovertigo Not just supposed to be--the Fleischers rotoscoped Calloway to get the moves right.

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