On Go Visit Your Contraband

I just recently made it through the Phoenix and Las Vegas airports with a corkscrew in my purse. But taking a travel-size container of half used Vaseline through San Jose was cause for a stop and search. And once in Orlando I got stopped for having a suspicious looking burrito. I don't get it.

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On I Dream of Britney

Whenever I dream of celebrities, I'm always having sex with them. I'm really big into dream threesomes.

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On Happy Thanksgiving

You guysssss! I booked my flight for Italy! Whaaaaaat! So excited. So I have an 8ish hour layover in Frankfurt on Dec. 24th and it looks like maybe there won't be much to do in town because things will actually be closed. I'm still excited at the idea of just walking and looking at things. I'm wondering if there are any Frankfurt Pinners who would like to walk with me and point to the things for me to look at? I promise I'm a good time!

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On Friday Open Thread

Thanks y'all!

@A Dolly: Actually my sister lives there (my bro in law is AF), so no hotel needed! However, I will be using that soon. I want to take a solo vacay before my 30th bday.

@kangerine: I'll be in Naples. I was actually planning to post something before I left, in the hopes that I could crash a Naples holiday pinup or something. I'm sure my sister and I will go out, but she's got babies, so it's not like she can just be out all night getting hammered with me.

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On Friday Open Thread

Frequent international traveling Pinners! Any recommendations on sites for cheap airline tix? I'm going to Italy for Christmas and New Years, and I'm obviously terrible at planning ahead. I'm prepared to pay around $1100 both because it's last minute and I'm flying out of Phoenix. But I'd love to pay a lot less. I've been checking out Cheapo Air, SkyScanner, Kayak and Cheap Tickets, but maybe someone has a secret fare finder they'd like to share?

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On Assumptions

@Deanna Destroi

I see movies alone all the time, and I always assume other people think I'm this terrible, lonely weirdo. Especially since I like to go to 10 a.m. showings on Saturday mornings and eat nachos for breakfast.

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On Friday Open Thread

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose :(

I went through this with my mom, although I think my selfish feelings were amplified because I was in high school when she was diagnosed/started chemo. I agree with others who have mentioned that normalcy helps, but also if you're sad, just be sad. I think it helped that my mom had a great sense of humor about it; she regularly made jokes about how weird she looked without eyelashes. But the times where she sat and cried, I sat and cried with her. I'm all for putting on a brave face, but it's like, you're still the kid, you know? Which, I guess, is to say that it's normal to feel helpless and be all "WHY ME" when this thing that is happening isn't actually happening to you. If that makes sense? I don't know. There's no right answer. Be whatever it is he needs you to be at that moment and hug a lot.

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On Jokes

Two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff.
Ba dum chhh!

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On (^+.+^)

@Daisy Razor

When my mom was a teenager, she had this little Maltese dog. One time she was alone in her room playing with a Ouija board, while the dog laid next to her on the bed. Every time she moved the little plank, the dog sat up and stared at the door. When she stopped moving it, he'd lie back down again. She did this a few times until it freaked her out enough that she put the Ouija board away and hadn't touched one since.

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On The Meatballs Do Help,Though

@Leanne: omg, this show. I watched the hell out of this show. But in an embarrassed, I'm probably losing brain cells by the second, kind of way. I was mostly interested because they filmed in Phoenix. Every time they showed them at a bar I looked for myself.

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