On Long Distances, "Terribleness," and the Skin-Crawly Feeling

@milkbreath Can I put this on a t-shirt? Would that be okay? I would never sell it...I just want to give it to certain people that I know...

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On Beauty Q&A: If You See Something, Say Something

@timesnewroman That's a line from a Discworld book ("Guards! Guards!" if I remember right) by Terry Pratchett. Yes, the only time I log in to comment is to be pedantic about satirical fantasy books, apparently. Cole Haan also makes nice boots, fwiw. And while I'm typing, perfume...ugh. Perfume. Maybe stop wearing it, everyone? Forever? Please?

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On What Old Book Do I Read If ... ?

@propermake "The Game" feels old because it was originally published in 1967.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: Come Fly With Me

Please don't apply perfume whilst on airplanes. They are hard enough on people with scent allergies as it is. :(

(essential oils can be good if you need to smell something that isn't other people on a plane, and probably won't cause other people to have migraines. Which do happen. Especially on planes.)

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On Women Are Either "White Fresh Snow" or "Snow That's Turning Black on the Side of the Road"

I couldn't stop laughing at his "affects of porn" article. I was thinking "blonde hair? high heels? unrealistic pizza delivery scenarios?" but no. Poor Rich Santos...words are hard!

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On A Mom Responds Before Crowding You Out of Your Local Coffeeshop/Bar

I thought this was hilarious, and plan to send it to many of my friends.

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On Marathon Sex, Lady Facial Hair, and Guy Friends' Girlfriends

I see nothing in this letter to suggest that anyone thinks he's still pining for her. So she's supposed to say, unsolicited, "by the way, I hear that, at some point during our 8 year friendship, you had a crush on me! Just so you know, I will never love you! I'm so glad we're friends!"? Nice.

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On Marathon Sex, Lady Facial Hair, and Guy Friends' Girlfriends

Connor Simpson:
That is a *remarkable* amount of bullshit! "Hey ladies, if your dudefriends have crushes on you, it is up to you to 1. notice! 2. give them the "I will never love you" talk, instead of expecting them to deal with their feelings like grown-ups, by, say, telling you about them! or getting over it!"

How about, if you have a huuuuge crush on a friend of yours, you either speak up or you deal with it instead of trying to put it on the lady to let you down gently? Act like a fucking adult.

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