On What Happened When We Gave Our Daughter My Last Name

@Cadillac oh my god, I love so so so so so much the giving of a grandmother's maiden name. perhaps my children will be -- Fultz. what if we all gave the grandmother's maiden names to our children? as proud as I am of family legacy, I am equal parts nervous of endogamous loyalties, and finding an old name, never given its due, seems a perfect way to combat that.

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On Coming Out Late In the Game, Embracing the Inner Bridezilla, and Recharging Your Libido

@Quinn A@twitter to y'all and to LW3, of course:

it is highly, highly, gloriously unlikely that anyone will make a scene at your wedding. even when my husband and I got The Most Conservative together with The Super Gayest and their partners, everybody was cool at the wedding. for real! they're there to celebrate YOU, and as bitchy as people get, they are really, really happy for you, and that trumps way more than you might expect.

and YES YES YES to AQC's ambassador suggestion. I got myself a "wedding captain," (hi sara!) and while that title is silly, my extremely capable friend (take care of your wedding party/helpers, y'all, TAKE CARE OF THEM, buy them nice shit if you can get away with it) fielded so much of that crap and it's just like AUGH now I can get married, bad ass!

and then you will be married and you will continue to be as queer and awesome as you want to be, all while the super conservativest of your family ignores the fact that you had HELLA QUEERS at your wedding, to whom they were (will be!) very polite & wilfully ignorant! so whatever to them! woo hoo!

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On The Real Fantasy of Downton Abbey

AHP, you have made me interested, in a sociological way, in a show I have never EVER had any desire to watch. As a woman trying to, shortly here, do it all & be the primary breadwinner in my marriage, this is suuuuuuuuper interesting.

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On Interview with My Mom, the Scientist

Oh my god this is so good. Thanks AHP! MOMS, amirite? Uugggghhhh I can't quite express how big of a hit this is for me, it is really good, 'pinner articulation I need you!

Ummmm can you tell me the names of the developmental math textbooks she wrote? It sounds like she is Right On The Nose about math education, and as a future high school math educator myself, I am extreeeeemely interested.

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On Interview with My Mom, the Scientist

@Blondsak Just twelve years, here. Yes, & thanks for posting it first.

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On The 10 Best Reviews of Crafting With Cat Hair

@Heat Signature I don't know, man, I just hear "impossible finger puppets" being said (over and over?) by werner herzog.

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On Pretty Women on Bikes

@laurel yeap! yeap yeap yeap! whether it's subconscious or not, it's a feeling of entitlement all the same. when I wear a dress, I get comments on EVERYTHING, where when I'm just in jeans and schlubcetera, nada, zip, zilch. it's pretty clear to me.

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On Ask a Jeweler: Shady Platinum, Sizing Up Your Rings, and the Case For Sapphires

@Adult Footie Pajamas yes! gilt! that is where I got my rings as well. I hear the "why buy two rings" but they had some really lovely sets that were somehow the exact same price as the bigger one-off rings.

seriously y'all if you are in the pacific northwest, gilt is just the very very best for recycled jewelry. and it is SOMEHOW way way way cheaper than a jewelry store. I got both of my lovely, unique, beautiful gold and white gold with one diamond (who knows the carat, they don't tell you at this small size, ha ha!) for five hundo, which, in the grand scheme of weddings, is goddamn (unfortunate) peanuts.

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On Summer Invites and the Word “Yes”

oh I am just devastated that this is the only article with the Richard Gere Sneak Disses tag. nothing against mr gere of course.

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