On Friday Open Thread

I rarely ever join in on these things since usually I am doing actual work, but now I have Fridays OFF to jerk about on the Internet and what not, so: shit just got taken to a new level at my job and I want to talk about this! But I feel like a tit talking about it with my real life friends since a) some of them are unemployed and have actual training/schooling in the area I am venturing into (with no training/schooling...) and b) some of them I work with and don't want to brag to.

Still: I have waited 3.5 years to be taken this seriously and it is EXCITING. But also, it is scary. I don't want to fuck this up! What if I fuck this up? People GO TO SCHOOL FOR THIS, have I mentioned? I am confident and finally it's starting to feel like I have a real person job and maybe a path to a career and WOW SO OVERWHELMED. (But excited, totally excited.) Ah-hem. Thanks. Way better now.

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On Excavating a 21st-Century Working-Class Female's Workplace

I just want to join the chorus of FOOTNOTES! Loved this.

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On Look, We're Gonna Talk About the Gatsby Trailer Now

@@serenityfound: I am with you on all counts. I've no love for Fitzgerald or Hemingway, but do so adore Steinbeck. Different strokes, I suppose.

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On Really Good Books About History: Part One

I love all your book recs, Nicole. LOVE.

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On Nelly Furtado's "Big Hoops (Bigger the Better)" Video

I can dig it, but also: I love me some big hoops.

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On New Moms and Teenage Boys: More in Common Than Previously Thought

Teenage boys are fascinating, when they're not being teenage boys. Or, maybe, especially when they are. Either way, I loved this. Thanks for the nice read.

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On 'Pinners Unite for Good!

I am late to the game and possibly outing myself from anon-hood, but I'm gonna go ahead and throw out two local nonprofits that I work/have worked with: WriterCoach Connection and La Cocina. WriterCoach is a Berkeley-based nonprofit that partners with multiple Bay Area schools with the goal of improving student writing through one-on-one volunteer-student pairing. They're totally fundraising for next year's expansion so this is pretty stellar timing. La Cocina is an incubator kitchen in San Francisco. They partner with low-income food entrepreneurs (mostly women of color) to launch their food businesses. Donations are always welcome, but they also do cooking classes, public events (most notable: the Street Food Fest), and (because Mother's Day is just around the corner...) gift boxes. The women involved are amazing and so is their food.

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On Ass? Stella?

My name apparently sounds so incomplete that when I introduce myself to people, they always ask if it's short for something. Then they usually add, like, a bunch of noises to the front of it - "la", "ta", "sha" - and I have to tamp down internal rage because NO. Just... no.

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On "Your money is under the guillotine."

I think this calls for a Werner-Herzog-Netflix marathon on my next day off.

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On My Fave Two

I, too, talk to my mom nearly everyday. Half our phone calls these days are her yelling at her cats in the background. Trufax.

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