On That Baby Wants to Break You Up

@Claire Zulkey@twitter OK first off, seriously, seriously adorable baby (had to get that out of the way!). Second off, in the same way I wish I had read this essay before I gave birth (along with one about how breastfeeding could be The Most Difficult Thing You Ever Try And Do) I also wish that at the point you're at you could read an essay from your future self, looking back on this time, marveling over how you made it through, and how much easier it does get for both you and your relationship. For me, the turning point was around 5 months (when our baby started to sleep through the night, thanks to us letting him "cry it out" because he wouldn't go back to sleep any other way). SLEEP. I actually think it all boils down to sleep?

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On Honeymooning Off-Road in Vietnam

@RK Fire Yes! I work(ed) in Chinatown (and had lots of banh mi, and pho, etc) but my Vietnamese-American (first generation) friends tell me most "Vietnamese" places have non-Vietnamese cooks (mostly Chinese, I think) and I agree that the food doesn't taste quite as I would hope (though clearly I'm no authenticity expert). Supposedly on the East Coast, Philadelphia has a good Vietnamese restaurant scene. I may have to take a train down to Falls Church and Philly to get my fix! Thanks for the tip!

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On Honeymooning Off-Road in Vietnam

@parallel-lines We went in early/mid November. The weather was pretty perfect for us, but we spent most of our time in Hanoi and area, and then Thailand. I don't remember it raining at all, so I'd say November is good too!

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On Honeymooning Off-Road in Vietnam

@Megano! We should probably have a Jauntsetter/Hairpin eating/moped tour of Vietnam.

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On Honeymooning Off-Road in Vietnam

@Roxanne Rholes Right? RIGHT?

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On Honeymooning Off-Road in Vietnam

@RK Fire I am pretty sure Banh Xeo is my favorite dish in the world too? And we spent most of our time in the north, and so we really didn't get to eat it much (it's mostly a southern dish). I also curse the fact that NYC doesn't seem to have much in the way of solid Vietnamese food. At least, I haven't found any ....

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On Things I Could Have Said to Connie Britton When She Came Into My Coffee Shop the Other Day

Love. Her.

Also, their marriage prompted me to inform my husband that we needed to talk things* out more. His response? I would love to ... but you're always watching Friday Night Lights.

*What, precisely, I'm not sure, but Tami and coach had _at least_ one heart to heart an episode!

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On Friday Bargain Bin Open Thread

If you're in New York, this deal might interest you: flights to Nashville (which is a very, very cool getaway for a weekend or long weekend trip) are just $214 total! These flights are roundtrip and nonstop, so this is a very good fare. Leave LGA tonight, return Monday morning or evening.

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On Friday Open Thread

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher @topanga_lives @thesailorsaid @Hellcat @pterodactgirl @MilesofMountains @Too Much Internet WOW! Thanks for all these amazing suggestions everyone! Sorry I didn't respond sooner - I had no idea so many people would be weighing in with recommendations after Friday evening. Ah, The Hairpin. I shouldn't have assumed any less of you.

So - what did I end up seeing? Well, I ended up being far busier than I thought I'd be over the past couple of days, and didn't get to stay in bed too much, but I started watching some Spaced and BSG. More importantly, however, my Netflix queue will be filled for weeks (if not months!) to come. Thank you again!

PS @Hellcat, I realized that my first comment was confusing - I was just mentioning things I've watched and liked in the past, but then thought to include Dexter as a "do not suggest" because I tried watching it and didn't love it after a few seasons AND thought that giving it another go while I was home alone would be a bad idea. But yeah, Twin Peaks is WAY creepier! And one of my favorite things in life ever!

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On Friday Open Thread

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Interesting! I watched a few episodes (because I LOVE Idris Elba, and someone else I'm usually synched up with TV-wise recommended it highly) and thought it started out strong but then got a little nutty when he got coffee with the psycho chick? But since you have called it fantastic, I will definitely give it another try!

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