On Sex and the Dystopia

@Kara Zor-el I'm confused by your statement "The need to place it in a political context demeans it as entertainment" in part because that seems to be what you're doing, too - which is great! Politics and entertainment are both systems we've created for understanding our world, and to try to divorce them would, I think, reduce our ability to engage with either. You're absolutely right, that SATC gets more shit than The Sopranos and that the ways the shows are gendered (and the sexual orientations of their auteurs) is a big part of that. You never have to justify enjoying something - that it's fun is a great reason! - but I don't think it's incorrect or unhelpful to use a political lens to look deeper. For some of us, it's what makes it fun.

Posted on July 23, 2013 at 5:14 pm 7