Mysteries of Adulthood

That the phrase "rode hard and put away wet" has nothing to do with sex, just horses and having a rough time. READ MORE

Dating Profiles, Edited for Honesty

Age: 42
Interests: Literature, Lesbians, Hand-fasting
Marital Status: Divorced
About Me: My ex-wife is a lesbian and I am writing a novel in which many lesbians fall in love with the same man. One of the main characters, also a lesbian, becomes so jealous that she consults a bruja and puts a curse on every woman who’s ever slept with the narrator, dooming them to meet elaborate Final Destination-style ends. He follows the chain of death, trying vainly to save his former lovers, until finally he reaches the older woman who took his virginity in his teens. Ecstatic, he asks why the curse doesn’t affect her, to which she replies: Because I never loved you. I also relate a lot to the Vikings; I’m kind of a Thor or an Odin. READ MORE

Fresh Hells

1. Limbo READ MORE