On What Makes Us Feel Better When We're Sad?

I've been listening to The Suburbs nonstop, inexplicably, (and for the first time in like two years) for the past two weeks and now I know why.

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On Women Real Tired of Your Shit in Art

@Jazmine Hughes Thank you for your reply Jazmine. I really regret that the tone of my comments were taken to mean that I am reading The Hairpin, yearning for the past, or if I sounded disrespectful or whine-y toward current content, which has been great! I embrace change, always, but this post did not feel right (and I sincerely meant no offense or accusation toward Lily). As a longtime reader, I initially felt a little put off on this post in particular in that when I first saw it (combined with my over-time observations about the community here) I was afraid. I'm really thankful that you addressed this, and I want to say for what it's worth I am still reading and loving this website.

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On Women Real Tired of Your Shit in Art

@moe-zee Okay, as first poster, apologies to you and editorial and the author. Definitely didn't mean for it to seem mean spirited against current editorial and their very good efforts (although, tbh, at first glance, this post did seem kind of "reaaaaally, c'mon" in the wake of everything that has been going on these past years, the writer/editor exodus and emergence of the "competitor/friend" sites). I love the Hairpin and I want to keep loving it, but even by your admission you have migrated and had to recreate your account to comment. So, I'd just hate to see the Hairpin try to address all this by trying to reclaim something from the past that another site has been running with instead of truly committing to the new direction. I mean, I guess it's just something I've been noticing for a while and this post finally prompted me to comment. Please don't take this for just a petty complaint. I'm still reading.

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On Women Real Tired of Your Shit in Art

@Hobbes Except the writers and the readers of The Hairpin have left, en masse. The Hairpin used to be a place to come for really great pieces, as much as really great conversations in the comments section under the pieces. That community is largely gone --- to other places. I think that's why I felt compelled to call this one out, because I miss the old Hairpin.

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On Women Real Tired of Your Shit in Art

@Jane Hu@facebook My original statement I think falls in line with the defense. The Hairpin used to be a place to come for the kinds of things the Toast now does better. The "Stuff in Art" series has been inconsistent here as much as it has been a staple on The Toast, as has been the overall feel of The Hairpin, which is why I (and others, perhaps) picked up on the weird vibes going on here. I'm not accusing the author of plagiarism.

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On Women Real Tired of Your Shit in Art

@Lili L. Unlike other respondents I don't think I was actually making an accusation... The Hairpin of 2011 is something that I do miss.

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On Women Real Tired of Your Shit in Art

Are you guys gonna just be the toast now?

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On Why I Have To Be So "Rude"

When I grow up, I want to write like Jia, who expresses my thoughts 100x better than I can.

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On Ask a Fancy Person: Consignment Shops, Gendered Pronouns and Leaving the Forever 21 Zone

Can Fancy or anyone else address whether consignment/second hand stores are double digit size friendly? I maybe thought that all of those types of stores were for the trim and fit only...

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On Someone Explain Dating to Me

The creepy, weird, sent-to-100-people-at-once messages are one thing. Like another poster said, they're easy enough to ignore. It's when you actually vet someone through normal enough messages, and when you meet him it turns out "freelance writer" means "I write a Sex & the City recap blog [and it's surprisingly hard to make money off of it]." Also, sidenote, for all who are in LTRs and aghast, not all dating is like this. But online dating is a breed of horror I cannot, unfortunately, endorse.

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