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On Items At A Specialty Grocery Store

Personally, I'm a fan of the subtle complexities in Deluding Itself That It's Virgin But Totally Isn't Olive Oil.

Would the universe disappear if someone named Karen makes the I'd Like To See You Do Better Karen Cupcakes?

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On Items At A Specialty Grocery Store

@Anne That story is delightful, ever more so for being about the album that took a sledgehammer to Janet's asexual image. I was in high school when that was released and I would have been mortified to lend it to my mom at that time, but I doubt I would have even noticed the label!

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On Notes from a Liar

Sometimes I've thought it would be worthwhile to write down the lies I tell over the course of a day or a week or whatever, but I'm more than a little afraid of the results. The human brain is impressively talented at deluding itself.

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On "A Random Man Has Life Advice"

This is perfect and makes me so happy.

I wonder if there is a video for the man who hits on you by calling you "sassy." I am not 13, fuckwad.

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On "A Random Man Has Life Advice"

@adriana UGGGGGGGH. There are few things on this planet that irritate me as much as people who assault you via greetings. It's not polite or civil; it's aggressive and assumes obligation on the part of the other person. The biggest reason I don't punch them is that would be acknowledgement, which is what they want.

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On Why Won't the Catholic Church Ordain Women?

@barefoot cuntessa I too was raised Catholic, and while I don't practice or belong to a specific church, I refuse to officially leave the capital-C Church because they have no incentive to change if people like me leave the system. Staying technically Catholic has qualified me to be a godmother, and say yes every time I'm asked. I'm gonna raise me some subversive, feminist, pushy Catholic kids who won't take no for an answer. I'd far rather stay patient and "in" the shitty system, so I can change it when opportunities arise, than leave and let the patriarchy have free reign to turn back the clock even more.

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On The Great Hope of TV's Female Crime-Stoppers

Big fan of The Bletchley Circle. Also, if you can find it on a PBS station somewhere, I recommend the Aussie production "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries." Feminist flapper socialite becomes a private detective in 1920s Australia, bedding every hot dude she meets along the way to solving murders more efficiently than the police. Lots of focus on women and girls and feminist issues, through the prism of that era. And it is also SO MUCH FUN. The series is based on novels, of which I've read a few - somewhat different but equally enjoyable.

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On A Woman Tapes Her Street Harassers

I appreciate her last FAQ on the Cards site about discussing the harassment we face with other people, particularly men. A few weeks ago I was at a party where the hostesses had a catcall story and all of the women joined in with recent tales. The men were shocked at how many stories we had from just the last month or so, and how gross some of them were. These were feminist dudes but they really had no idea what we face on a daily basis. It definitely taught me to tell those stories more...I hadn't really seen a point, before, but I do now. They were having epiphanies as we talked about it.

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On This Is The Day Before 40

I've got a few years left, but still, WORD. Hard not to look at the big supposed-tos with some measure of frustration and lack of control (sorry, nonexistent offspring I was supposed to be done creating at 35, I am not an amoeba). But the small ones become almost badges of honor, don't they? I kind of take comfort in the fact that I still can't say "corduroy" (I know how it should sound, but my mouth likes to sprinkle in extra 'r's for the hell of it). I don't think I would feel quite like me if I ever mastered it.

I think it's the middle-ground ones that really taunt you. I'm close, but can't quite seem to finish the Ikea-to-real-furniture transition. Nothing says "accomplished adult" like taking your clothes out of a ten-year-old, overstuffed, broken Malm dresser!

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On Iceland vs Greece

Got addicted to skyr when I visited Iceland a few years ago. Did you know that based on the way it's made, it is technically a cheese?

Siggi's, while it was started by an Icelandic native, is a U.S.-based product. True Icelandic-produced skyr can be found at Whole Foods and probably other places under the brand name Skyr. That's what I like best, but it's a rare treat as I usually don't go to WF. I'm satisfied enough mixing fresh fruit (blueberries and peaches FTW) into plain Fage. I'd buy Siggi's instead of Fage if it came in the 35-oz container so I could get one to last a whole week.

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