Games Without Frontiers: In Praise of The Americans

In a world where Martha Stewart went to prison, it seems strange that the fantasy of a Pinterest-perfect life has crept into the Facebook feed of everyone I know. Any given Sunday, some far-flung acquaintance will accomplish more in a single afternoon than I will in my lifetime. The prevailing tone is somewhere between shrill and psychotic, with an endless stream of photos of smiling people and elaborate desserts that masks the queasy ambivalence we all inevitably feel toward our vacations or our haircuts, or even more serious things like our jobs, our families, and ourselves. READ MORE

Project Popsicle

Whenever people say they love summer, I have to assume their air conditioning situation is better than mine. If I could find a way to spend July and August in a pool with a bottomless Michelada and no threat of skin cancer, it seems possible I might hate summer less. As things stand, I spend most of my time boxed up in my apartment, waiting for the heat rage to flatten into despondence so I can get some work done. READ MORE